The Economics of Cloud and Object Storage

Many infrastructure designers in the media and entertainment sector are coming from a long-standing reliance on physical media for long-term data storage and archival preservation. The widespread transition to object storage, be it via storage-as-a-service from a public cloud vendor or investment in a private cloud solution on-premises, presents a new set of questions and considerations not just for workflows for also for cost modeling and financial projections. In this discussion, we will cover the economics of cloud storage in both OPEX and CAPEX examples as well as look at the true cost-of-ownership for legacy data storage options like LTO tape libraries.

Join us on May 28th at 9am PT / noon ET to learn:

  • Pros and cons of consumption-based storage-as-a-service offerings
  • How SaaS approaches compare to investing in private cloud storage
  • Real cost of ownership for tape libraries
  • Tools and strategies for long-range data storage financial planning


  • Erik Weaver, Entertainment Technology Center at USC, Special Projects Director 
  • David Phillips, Cloudian, Media Specialist