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Digital Nirvana’s Captioning Solutions for Sports Broadcasting

White Paper from Digital Nirvana

Fri 30, 04 2021

AI- and ML-Based Solutions Speeding Video Content Delivery for Sports Broadcasters

Sports operations are challenged like never before to deliver engaging video content to their viewers in the tightest possible timeframes. Digital Nirvana’s advanced portfolio of AI- and ML-based solutions is helping sports organizations streamline critical processes – from generating transcriptions to delivering compliant closed captions. And we’re right on the cusp of a new age of AI- and ML-based capabilities that are opening up huge new potential for content repurposing and monetization with two flexible Digital Nirvana options: our turnkey captioning, transcription, and metadata generation service OR our industry-leading Trance software as a service.

Digital Nirvana can help meet you modern captioning requirements

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