Digital Transformation Of The FIA World Rally Championship

Digital Transformation Of The FIA World Rally Championship


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Digital Transformation Of The FIA World Rally Championship

Article from Tata Communications

Tue 16, 02 2021

The Tata Communications Difference

The partnership with Tata Communications has helped this massive motorsport completely revamp the way it provides coverage of rallies over the last 12 months.

As of today, broadcast in 150 markets through 80+ broadcasters requires reliable high capacity global connectivity, at scale. Also, these numbers will only go up significantly.

– Immersive and engaging fan experience with stages and camera angles in real time made possible via OTT platform WRC+; robust and scalable video connect network is key

-Scaling up production – need to drive efficiency in production

End To End Connectivity, Video Connect And Remote Production

The Tata Communications global network with next-generation fibre manages 30% of global internet traffic, aided largely by its ownership of the largest subsea communication cable in the world. It provides connectivity for video delivery into the Tata Communications video cloud with subsequent distribution to the broadcasters.

This has enabled WRC to launch a new all live feed to several broadcasters. Video Connect and VPN service to WRC connects some of the most challenging and remote locations seamlessly for live video delivery out of these sites. The team of experts at Tata Communications seamlessly manages all aspects of transmission and broadcast for the sport, end to end, right up to broadcasters/ right holders.

WRC is a worldwide Motorsport Series which, going forward, has ambitious plans to grow across emerging markets such as Asia and America which hold huge promise and potential.

The Tata Communications’ tier-1 IP network with connectivity to more than 240 countries and territories is key to making this happen. WRC is also looking for ways to remote produce a rally going forward. In the near future, remote production services will help WRC to transfer all the content from the more than 80 production cameras per event to a central location where they can produce the package remotely.

This solution will be enabled by the ultra-low latency networks of Tata Communications. This will lead to significant cost savings for WRC apart from higher productivity and quality of life for their employees due to reduced travel.

Finally, the biggest challenge or competition WRC’s relentless pursuit of excellence is the tough environment and its own high benchmarks. It is a huge championship which works with four of the biggest car manufacturers with huge global partners.

The team is truly seeking and pursuing continuous improvement and excellence in production and broadcasting technologies to give fans the best viewing experience. It takes truckloads of commitment to watch a rally since a person must park miles away and walk through forests or mountains to reach viewing spots. All the more reason to capture, package and broadcast content from all the stages on a device for pieces of the action that a fan misses due to difficult terrain. This is where Tata Communications expertise in the world of live sports broadcasting comes to the fore.

With experience across a variety of motor-sports including F1 and MotoGP apart from the challenging world of rally sports, Tata Communications helps drive best in class broadcasting solutions for sport rights holders and broadcasters alike.

The results

Growing The Fan Base

Live coverage of this scale is more than an added bonus for fans; it is a way for new viewers to get drawn into this motorsport, which can be hard to follow for the uninitiated. First time fans especially, get to see everything live at a rally with up to 25 hours of Live coverage. This is a big stepping stone for broadcasters and for the rally itself; with this, WRC has changed the way rally is perceived, hopefully now and forever.

Accelerating Growth, Delivering Customer Delight And Ensuring Efficiency Gains For WRC

WRC can now reach its huge fan base and tap into new target markets in Asia and Africa thanks to the Tata Communications Global Network. It now has the capability to deliver enormous volumes of live feed from all camera angles for each car to numerous broadcasters, as per demand. This unlocks massive potential to scale this incredible sport’s viewership globally.

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