Engaged Partner Program

What is it?

The Global Engaged Partner (GEP) Program is a partnership between IABM and executives working at organizations that buy MediaTech. The main objective of this partnership is to exchange knowledge promoting positive conversations and collaboration across the industry and the alignment of technology with business objectives. 

Who is it for?

Executives working at organizations that buy MediaTech, including Broadcast and Media companies, production companies, and corporate studios.


  • Engage and network with MediaTech professionals worldwide beyond regional boundaries
  • Access a diverse network of technologists, technology buyers, vendors, and industry stakeholders, enriching perspectives, and new opportunities
  • Participate in events and forums conducive to networking, encouraging the formation of strategic alliances and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Enjoy exclusive access to Member Lounges at major industry trade shows, providing an off-show floor environment for networking and discussions.


  • Access to Exclusive Insights and Reports: Gain access to a wealth of insightful reports, technology trackers, and sector analyses generated by the Business Intelligence Unit, enabling informed decision-making
  • Stay abreast of evolving industry trends, technological advancements, and market analyses to stay competitive and innovative within the MediaTech landscape
  • Access our extensive E-Learning portfolio, including tailored training sessions led by industry experts, covering critical MediaTech domains essential for your continuous professional skill development and organizational advancement.


  • Engage with a diverse cohort of MediaTech buyers, Broadcast and Media companies, production entities, and corporate studios, fostering meaningful connections and partnerships
  • Leverage the platform to initiate and foster collaborations, partnerships, and synergies amplifying industry impact
  • Contribute insights, share experiences, and contribute to positive industry conversations
  • Engage in both virtual and physical events designed for knowledge-sharing and learning from other MediaTech professionals, contributing to personal and professional growth.

Looking for partners not suppliers?
Become a GEP member of the IABM today

How to become a GEP? 

Sign up at no cost and get involved in our activities. After your application to become a GEP has been reviewed, we will contact you to discuss your main interests and connect you with the most appropriate IABM services.

What do we ask of you? 

GEPs agree to invest some time throughout the year to complete surveys, participate in events and network with our community. The minimum requirement is to complete our MediaTech Business Tracker survey at least once a year but you should also be available to participate as a speaker in our virtual and physical events, whenever this is possible.

If you wish to discuss the globally engaged partner programme or your eligibility, please contact Ana-Claire Bernardes on:


Global Engaged Partners include...