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Custom Media Trends | Fast File Transferring Tools to Keep You Cutting-Edge

The broadcast media bubble has certainly expanded this past year, with new content forms trending throughout the industry. It is clear that remote collaboration and other new productivity methods must be implemented into workflows for productions to succeed. What has yet to be highlighted, is how the industry can continue to grow through the help of acceleration tools.

People get bored, this is a fact, and while 2020 has been quite a dramatic year, it still left many of us at home 24/7 in the same setting, day in and day out. The public was craving new methods of entertainment. One trend that has had an extreme uptake in global popularity is personalization entertainment, also known as object-based media.

Object-based media, as quoted by the BBC, is content that’s tailored for your circumstances, preferences and devices. This fascinating and unique new format is taking the broadcasting industry by storm.

Think of the current TV shows and media you consume. What if you could help solve the crime on CSI and customize the outcome of the episode? Naturally, that would be more entertaining, you would become excited by participating and choosing the result you want to take place. Essentially, that is what object-based media is providing audiences. There are multiple layers to your media that allow for personalization.

Hollywood began to play around with this concept as early as 2006 when they released a special DVD edition of Final Destination 3, that would allow the viewer to select which character would survive. Slowly this form of media gained attention and popularity to the point where it is going to be readily available at our fingertips through television, streaming platforms, etc. Imagine the impact that object-based media is going to have on the industry, it will not only change the dynamic of broadcasting teams, but globally new talent will be recruited to balance this growth.