Five trends that will shape broadcast technology

Five trends that will shape broadcast technology


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Five trends that will shape broadcast technology

Thu 03, 05 2018

Lorenzo Zanni, Lead Research Analyst, IABM

From increased application of artificial intelligence to an acceleration in adoption of the cloud, IABM Lead Research Analyst Lorenzo Zanni selects five trends that will shape the broadcast technology sector.

As the trade organisation that represents over 500 broadcast and media technology suppliers worldwide, IABM constantly monitors trends on both the end-user and supply sides of the business to help members keep ahead in our rapidly transforming industry. Here are the top trends we have identified for 2018 – based on extensive quantitative research and analysis, combined with qualitative feedback from, and conversations with, all sides of the industry.

The cloud will grow again

Cloud growth is set to continue during 2018 as media technology users streamline their operations for the multi-platform world.

According to IABM data, adoption of the cloud rose significantly between 2014 and 2017 as the technology matured and more end-users espoused its benefits.

These include cost savings compared to on-premise infrastructure and increased operational agility. By deploying cloud-based services, media companies can also dramatically reduce time-to-market for their services – thus increasing revenues, and flexibly adjust resources depending on demand by moving to consumption-based pricing.

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