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Friend MTS – 10 Questions to ask a video watermarking vendor

Wed 30, 11 2022

So you need to choose a video watermarking solution to best protect your revenue. How do you decide which solution, and which vendor, are the right ones for you? When choosing a content protection company that offers video watermarking, as a broadcaster or service operator you need to determine which solution is most suitable for your content protection needs. Of course, there are a large number of factors that affect this decision, but here are some questions that you should ask all of your prospective vendors to determine whether their watermarking solution:

• Is viewer-friendly and pirate-unfriendly;
• Offers a universal and cost-efficient solution;
• And actually works!

Let’s look at what this actually means and what these must-ask questions are – we have selected 10 of them to help you guide your conversations with watermarking vendors to make sense of what is actually being offered and how it aligns with your content protection needs. Keep reading for a quick content fix or download the full ebook here.

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