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High Performance Cloud Networking for Media

Fri 10, 06 2022

swXtch.io has created a high-performance network technology, cloudSwXtch, that implements features that are not available in the cloud. cloudSwXtch can run on all public clouds, connecting high performance data flows – including uncompressed UHD video streams – between clouds and within clouds. cloudSwXtch creates a single data plane across disparate cloud and on-prem networks allowing media companies to simplify their cloud migration, implement their multi-cloud plans and build redundant paths for critical content.

cloudSwXtch approaches the performance of bare metal “top of rack” IP switches.

  • Unlimited network and cloudSwXtch scaling; create a 1,000+ port swxtch
  • Create a mesh network by combining multiple cloudSwXtches

The network above is a conceptual representation. All streams can be unicast or multicast depending on requirements


cloudSwXtch adds critical features that are not available on cloud networks

Multicast: cloudSwXtch enables high performance IP-multicast on cloud networks. Using multicast instead of unicast optimizes your network configuration and reduces your cloud distribution and egress costs. In addition, receivers can dynamically subscribe and unsubscribe to your streams as workflows dictate. cloudSwXtch eliminates having to configure and unconfigure unicast streams to accommodate configuration changes.

Protocol Fan Out: cloudSwXtch can fan out non-multicast packet protocols in the same way that multicast does. It can forward a unicast stream to many interested receivers or distribute a multicast stream to many unicast devices. This integrates unicast and multicast workflows in a way that hasn’t been possible in the cloud.

SMPTE 2110 Uncompressed Workflows: cloudSwXtch has SMPTE 2110 support without the necessity of additional Gateways or other on-ramp/off-ramp appliances. The cloudSwXtch architecture is designed to treat content the same whether it is compressed or uncompressed. This means the ingest of streams from on-prem to the cloud and the streaming of content within the cloud, whether unicast or multicast, is the same regardless of the content type. No SDK is required for uncompressed video, and the cloud network becomes an extension of the broadcast network.

SMPTE 2022-7 Hitless Merge: cloudSwXtch SMPTE 2022-7 Hitless Merge protects against data path failures by sending the same stream via two data paths. It compares packet reception from the multiple streams, detecting dropped packets, and reconstructs the output stream in the correct packet order.

Coupling hitless merge with redundant media workloads ensures high availability uptime for critical content and provides a new method to create highly available Disaster Recovery pathways in and between clouds.

Packet visibility is one of the casualties of moving to cloud networking. cloudSwXtch includes Monitoring and Quality of Service (QoS) tools that provide new insights into your data flows.



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