Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 2

Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 2


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Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 2

By Sarah Cook, Director of Marketing, Caringo

Fri 08, 01 2021

A look back at Brews & Bytes (B&B) webcasts on broader topics around storage, technology and the world in which we live

This week, we continue taking a look back at our year of Brews & Bytes (B&B) webcasts with a dive into the broader topics that address storage and technology. While most of these involved bringing in experts from partner companies, we also had a couple of episodes that featured our team in casual discussions.

Just Caringo Discussions

How Object Storage Can Help You in the Roaring 20s!

To kick off our series, AJ invited our CEO Tony Barbagallo and VP of Sales Ben Canter to talk about where storage is headed in the coming decade. Because, if you want to experiment, it is often best to start close to home. When these three get together, it is always an interesting discussion, and this was no exception.

Storage Trends to be Thankful For!

For our Thanksgiving episode, AJ was joined once again by Tony Barbagallo. This time, TW Cook, Caringo VP of Engineering & Support, rounded out the guest roster. The three of them took a few moments to reflect on how storage has evolved over the last decade and shared stories about times that organizations were thankful for their storage.

With a Little Help From Our Partners

On-Premises and Cloud Storage — Friends or Foes?

David Boland, Wasabi Director of Product Marketing, and Eric Dey, Caringo Director of Product, joined AJ for a lively debate regarding on-premises versus offsite/managed storage. If you’ve been debating whether you want to keep your data onsite or move it to the cloud, this is a good discussion to check out.

Using the CIA promise to protect data (…the other CIA)

We have many partners that we’ve worked with over the years, but Xenit has been a Caringo partner since almost the beginning. To discuss how to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity & Accessibility (CIA) of data, AJ hosted Toon Geens, Xenit CEO, Ronny Timmermans, Xenit Managing Director, and Ryan Meek, Caringo Principal Solutions Engineer. Having joined Caringo in 2006 as a developer, Ryan worked closely with Xenit on some of their very first object storage implementations.

Everything Online: How Global Connectivity Benefits Our World

AJ and Tony were joined by Phillip Buckley-Mellor, Infrastructure Designer for BT Service Platforms, in this episode where they tackled a number of issues around trends in connectivity and services, as well as what information should be online, searchable and accessible.

Storing Data: When Does Dense Make Sense?

Scott Hamilton, WD Sr. Director of Product Management and Marketing joined AJ and Eric to discuss how organizations can keep pace with data growth by storing data more efficiently.

Looking Forward to 2021

We are looking forward to our first Brews & Bytes of 2021! The topic is Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Sports Video Growth for 2021 Doug Cole, LH Computers, Owner, and Jeffrey Lowe, Caringo Sales Manager, will join AJ to discuss the shifting paradigm from traditional online, offline, nearline and archive storage models to storage that can give sports video teams and broadcasters the capacity for bigger archives, stronger workflow models, and faster content delivery to go with their new budgets in 2021.

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