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How to generate leads in the new era of b2b marketing

eBook from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Thu 25, 03 2021

Identifying the right prospects for your b2b brand can sometimes feel a bit like the ‘Where’s Wally?’ book series. You’re trying to pinpoint the right person (or group of people) in an increasingly crowded and competitive business landscape.

But where do you start? How do you know if you’re looking in the right place? How do you connect with those prospects once you’ve found them?

These are the challenges facing today’s b2b brands. And solving them isn’t getting any easier.

Featuring insights from in-house marketing experts and our global agency network, Convoy, this eBook provides a guide to navigating b2b marketing in the digital era. Discover how you can identify and engage the right prospects to generate leads and drive business growth.

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