DACH Member Council | IP and Remote Production


Remote production has been on everyone's lips for some time and, in addition to cost savings, promises unprecedented flexibility and creativity in almost all production situations. The simultaneous introduction of IP-based video and audio infrastructures acts as an additional catalyst in the broadcast industry and accelerates the trend. But how far is the industry actually adopting this?

What works and where are there perhaps still restrictions? Where will this technology get to? We will use real examples to discuss these questions and much more with manufacturers and end-users.

View the slide decks from each presentation by clicking on the links below.

All IP in Production, current trends and developments

Sonja Langhans, Technologist Future Networks, IRT

Are 2019 - remote production of superlatives

Klaus Weber, Principal Camera Solutions & Technology, Grass Valley

SIC Portugal, Full IP Studio

Claus Pfeifer, Head of Connected Content Acquisition, Sony Professional Solutions Europe

Riot Games - esport intercontinental remote production

Jochen Geiß, Technical Sales Manager, LOGIC media solutions GmbH - a Nevion partner

Andrews Hub: NEP Australia's full IP remote production model powered by EVS technology

Alexander Schroeter, Pre-sales manager, EVS

Triathlon Remote Production Using Public Internet - Profitable and Reliable

Oliver Strassle, Senior Technical Sales Consultant, TVU Networks