IABM Media Tech Intelligence Briefings

IABM Media Tech Intelligence Briefings are data-driven snapshots of specific media industry trends, sectors, and technologies. IABM Media Tech Intelligence Briefings aim to provide a continuous flow of evidence-based market information to IABM members and Global Engaged Partners.

Changing Media Landscape
May 2022

In this briefing, we use data from our Media Tech Business Tracker to examine the M&E industry’s changes over time to better understand technology trends that are shaping the industry. We analyze how COVID is transforming the industry by looking at both fleeting and long-lasting changes.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing: Codes
May 2022

The content-led streaming boom – increasingly involving immersive, gamified live experiences – has resulted in the explosive growth of data volumes, pushing content providers to find new ways to reduce bandwidth by improving compression efficiency. At the same time, the fragmentation of viewing across multiple devices requires better optimization of content delivery to guarantee high-quality UX. Hence, media businesses are increasingly using new codecs like HEVC, VVC and AV1 in production to maintain video quality throughout the supply chain. This briefing provides a snapshot about the latest developments in the codecs space as well as their potential future positioning among media players.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing: Scarcity & Resilience
April 2022

The origin of scarcity was the impact of the pandemic, which drove increasing demand for some resources (components, talent, energy, etc.) while disrupting their supply. This scarcity has been recently exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine, which has further strained global supply chains and pushed up inflation. This is a risk to all businesses, including media tech suppliers.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing: Live Sports
April 2022

As the M&E industry moves to DTC, live sports audience is moving to streaming platforms, forcing media companies to make strategic technology investments and streamline linear to support digital. The demand for ancillary content is leading media companies to create new types of sports content to engage with their customers. The demand for interactivity shifts the focus of M&E businesses to gaming, betting, and other interactive experiences to generate new revenue streams, driving investment in data analytics and better user experience.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing: The Creator Economy
February 2022

In the last few years, the creator economy has boomed, with an increasing number of people worldwide pursuing their passions and sharing the content they create on various user-generated content platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, or TikTok. This Briefing aims to delve into the forces shaping the growth of the creator economy and its implications for media and technology.

Supply Chain Disruption Poll Results
February 2022

Between 2021 and 2022, a global shortage of hardware components hit various technology sectors, including media tech. In April 2021, we measured the impact of this shortage, finding that 85% of media tech suppliers had moderate or severe issues with sourcing hardware components. In February 2022, we reassessed the impact of this shortage on the media tech industry with another poll, whose results are presented in this report.

CES 2021 - IABM Blog

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing - CES 2022: The Big Picture
January 2022

We think that CES 2022 has highlighted important trends related to the future of technology and trade shows, which is why we have analyzed these topics in the first IABM Media Tech Intelligence Briefing of 2022.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing - Content Distribution & Monetization: State of the Industry
October 2021

This Briefing focuses on identifying the most important investment drivers in content distribution & monetization derived from a mixture of sources, including survey data on technology priorities, company announcements, and financial data.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing: Outsourcing Globalization
September 2021

This Briefing focuses on analyzing the challenges of media globalization as large streaming services continue their geographical expansion.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing - Content Management & Support: State of the Industry
September 2021

This Briefing focuses on identifying the most important investment drivers in Manage & Support, including the move to cloud-based platforms and data-driven workflows.

Media Tech Intelligence Update at BaM Live!™
June 2021

This is a collection of presentations that the IABM Insight & Analysis team delivered at at BaM LIVE!™ June 2021.

Global Chip Shortage
June 2021

IABM conducted a poll on component shortages in April 2021 to measure the impact of COVID-19 on the media technology industry. This briefing evaluates those findings.

State of Content Infrastructure & Storage
June 2021

This briefing analyzes high-level investment trends in content infrastructure and storage. The acceleration in media technology transitions such as the move to remote production models and the migration to cloud operating platforms is putting functions such as infrastructure and storage in the spotlight.

Esports & Media Convergence
May 2021

This presentation discusses the state of remote production investment in the media industry and its impact on content supply chain priorities.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing - Content Creation & Production: High-Level Tech & Business Drivers
March 2021

IABM has been carrying out interviews with technology suppliers and media companies to identify major trends driving investment, revenues, and technology development in content creation and production technology ahead of BaM LIVE!™ 2021, and building on our previous briefing focused on the state of content creation and production.

The COVID-19 pandemic has notably accelerated some long-standing trends in this sector, pushing some drivers to the extreme. This was the wide consensus emerging from the interviews which, however, also evidenced some more specific trends driving content creation and production technology. The following is a preview of these seven high-level drivers ahead of IABM's full content chain report on Content Creation and Production.

Esports & Media Convergence
May 2021

This presentation discusses the convergence in technology and business models, including Esports, driven by increasing consumer demand for interactivity.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing - Content Creation & Production: State of the Industry
February 2021

  • Content Creation & Production were severely hit by production shutdowns and live event cancellations in 2020. The acceleration in the transition to direct-to-consumer (DTC) is also forcing a rationalization of technology spending in this part of the content supply chain via its effects on the business models supporting content.

  • Remote production and cloud are driving new investment in this part of the content supply chain with media companies changing their plans for these transitions out of necessity in 2020. Other strategic technology areas include data-driven graphics, particularly for live sectors, and automation.

  • Although it upended business models, DTC is also driving more investment in original programming. This and the importance of content in media companies' strategies represent a driver of investment for content creation and production technology.

Media Tech Intelligence Briefing - State of Satellite
January 2021

  • Revenues at major satellite providers such as SES, Intelsat and Eutelsat declined significantly in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 on the satellite business

  • COVID-19 impacted revenue drivers such the transition to 4K/UHD; the occurrence of major sports events; the acceleration of the transition to DTC models / Pay TV decline

  • Closing stock prices at SES, Intelsat and Eutelsat were down by -32%, -86% and -32% between January and November 2020, highlighting a very tough year