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In Conversation with Eluvio

Mon 07, 06 2021

We are joined by Michelle Munson, CEO and Co Founder at Eluvio to discuss EluvioLive, a 4K streaming and ticketing platform for artists and publishers direct to fans, based in blockchain.

We hear how the platform is built on the Eluvio Content Fabric and what this means along with how 4k streaming is handled with low latency.

Michelle talks us through some of the big names that have worked with Eluvio including an upcoming event with the Black Eyed Peas (find out more at

We also discuss “Remonetize Endlessly” and how EluvioLive helps to seamlessly repurpose and redistribute content along with an overview of NFTs and how they are becoming more common place in the media industry.

Finally, Michelle talks us through future plans for Eluvio and the platform.

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