In Conversation with Eluvio Part 2

In Conversation with Eluvio Part 2

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In Conversation with Eluvio (part 2)

IABM CEO Peter White interviews Eluvio Co-Founder and CEO Michelle Munson in this video. We hear about what Eluvio does and how the failings in the classical approach to video delivery led to the creation of the Eluvio Content Fabric.

We hear how the Eluvio Content Fabric approach is different than traditional video management and delivery along with how content studios are actively looking at going direct to consumer via digital methods.

Michelle discusses how in broadcasting, especially live events, there is a need for low-latency and new technologies and how many content owners appear to be sitting on large catalogs and are looking for ways to reach consumers directly. ​

Finally we hear about Eluvio's work on a movie screening for Bill & Ted’s Face the Music by MGM.