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Integrated Fastly and Intertrust Workflow Optimizes OTT Performance

By Bo Ferm, Product Marketing, Media Solutions, Intertrust Technologies

Fri 26, 06 2020

OTT-delivered video is viewed on a vast range of client devices such as phones, tablets, and smart TVs. OTT operators must support a plethora of codecs and formats, OS versions, ABR protocols, and DRM systems. A consequence of this fragmentation is a complex and costly content processing workflow.

To address these challenges, Fastly and Intertrust have devised a one-stop multi-CDN and multi-DRM solution. It streamlines packaging and playback of DRM-protected content, combining Fastly’s on-the-fly packaging with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay multi-DRM service. Learn more in the blog Integrated Fastly and Intertrust Workflow Optimizes OTT Performance, and download One stop multi-CDN, multi-DRM service with packaging capabilities. Enjoy the reading!

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