LTN Global Presents: Delivering Addressable TV Using Open Standards.

LTN Global Presents: Delivering Addressable TV Using Open Standards.

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LTN Global Presents: Delivering Addressable TV Using Open Standards – On Demand Webinar


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Alan Young, LTN Global’s CTO and Head of Strategy and Bryan McGuirk, SVP Business Development, will provide an overview of the Open Addressable Ready (OAR) ecosystem for delivering addressable TV on smart TVs. In their presentation they will describe how the end-to-end system operates in an open standards compliant manner using video watermarks based on the ATSC 3.0 A/335 standard as well as the IAB’s VAST specification. Alan will conclude by outlining how the key technical and business challenges have been overcome to enable broadcasters and cable networks to move to full commercial launches on Vizio smart TVs and other addressable platforms in 2020.


Alan Young, CTO / Head of Strategy, LTN

Alan Young is an experienced leader and innovator in the broadcast and satellite industries. He joined LTN with its acquisition of Crystal, where as COO he built a profitable SaaS business based on patented universal addressable advertising technology. He was previously Encompass Digital Media’s CTO, directing the company’s OTT offerings.

Bryan McGuirk, Senior VP of Business Development, LTN

Bryan McGuirk joined LTN in 2019 with its acquisition of Crystal Computer Corporation, where he was chief revenue officer. Throughout his career, a majority of which was spent operating media and satellite businesses, he has helped launch TV networks around the world and media satellites into space. Today, McGuirk leverages his extensive management experience in his role as senior vice president of business development at LTN.

Neil Harwell, GM of LTN Global Productions, LTN

Prior to founding Niles Media Group, Harwell was vice president of business development for the Kansas City Royals and, concurrently, vice president and general manager of the Royals Sports Television Network. Harwell earlier worked for Time Warner Cable in capacities including vice president and general manager of advertising sales for the Kansas City Interconnect, managing the advertising effort for Time Warner and Comcast. Harwell also was a co-founder of Metro Sports and served as its first general manager when it launched in 1997.Harwell previously held numerous on-air roles announcing NCAA Division I and Division II basketball and football, NAIA, and shows covering the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals. He had been the play-by-play announcer for University of Missouri–Kansas City basketball for more than 20 years.