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Market forces shaping an essential role for smart TVs

White paper from Intertrust Technologies

Wed 03, 02 2021

As broadcasters face increasing competition from OTT providers for both viewers and advertising dollars, they are adopting aggressive hybrid broadcast-OTT service strategies especially well-suited for smart TVs. However, such an approach requires rigorous content protection across the various delivery networks and requires both DRM and legacy CA systems—a two-silo approach.

The good news is that smart TV converged security is readily available today. This allows the operator to replace the set-top box with a smart TV Operator App (OpApp). The result: major CAPEX and OPEX savings for hybrid broadcast-OTT service providers.

Download this paper to read about forces driving hybrid broadcast-OTT service strategies, and the role of smart TV as the linchpin based on standards initiatives such as HbbTV, DVB-I, and ATSC 3.0.

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