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Media Function Virtualization (MFV): Impact On Operations

Tue 11, 06 2019

Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing, Skyline Communications

Migration of media functions to virtualized environments such as Kubernetes, comes with a lot of challenges. Virtualization by nature implies highly dynamic usage patterns, ability to scale up and down very fast, serving multiple different media workloads and multi-cloud capable. For some time, non-real time media processing (files) has been successfully deployed in MFV’s, however, doing the similar migration for linear has proven to be much harder. Different to traditional media preparation, far reaching automation, orchestration and intelligent monitoring has become table stakes for deliver service quality, availability and performance in virtualized environments.

In this session, the challenges of running linear workflows on containers are explained, as well as the impact on the workflows. The session uses illustrations of Kubernetes based media functions.

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