Special Report - NAB Show 2019

A Speci​​​​al Industry Analysis

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This report, which is FREE to access, gives users a strategic analysis of the broadcast and media industry, identifying the key trends driving change in the sector ahead of NAB Show Las Vegas 2019. To access the report, simply submit your details on the form below and you will be redirected.

We provide a variety of information, including major trends in broadcast and media, financial indicators and technology adoption trackers to give a comprehensive overview of the state of the industry.

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NAB Show 2019 – Industry at a Glance

2019 is a defining year for the broadcast and media industry. The battle for digital eyeballs will become even fiercer as Disney officially breaks up with Netflix to launch its own streaming service after the rollout of ESPN+ in 2018. Apple will join the battle as it prepares to launch its first streaming service this year.

As investment in content continues to grow, media companies continue to search for scale to respond to their deep-pocketed digital rivals.

Scale must be accompanied by efficiency, speed and personalization in this brave new digital world, which is fueling a technology transition to transform broadcast and media companies into content factories capable of delivering video to any platform. Media technology suppliers continue to strive to keep up with their customers’ requirements.

Some initial "Drivers of Change" highlights...

Digital Warfare

Traditional and new media companies continue to launch streaming offerings to attract digital eyeballs. Welcome to the new media battlefield

Digital Inflation

As the number of digital outlets increases and investment in content skyrockets, only a few will keep up with the giants while others rise to appeal to niche audiences.

Digital Speed

Everything is quicker in the brave new digital world as consumers’ expectations reach new levels. Media companies are responding to this shift by streamlining their operations.

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Buying Trends highlights...

  • Revenues are up to 5.3%

  • Profits continued to worry as the rate declined to -2.6%

  • Efficiency and agility are the most important strategic drivers of technology purchase for most respondents

  • 51% are set to increase software development investment

  • On average, users build 40% of technology solutions in-house

  • 68% of media companies say that cyber security is a high priority in technology purchasing

  • According to our data, 29% said that they are already using IP today – this is slightly up from our previous survey

  • 54% of research said that they don’t know how to monetize or don’t plan to monetize VR

  • Only 2% of the respondents said that they have already deployed blockchain technology

The information analyzed in this report is derived from both quantitative and qualitative research carried out by IABM. This Special Report is based on hard data obtained and analyzed by IABM’s Business Intelligence Unit, backed up by quantitative and qualitative information and commentary from key players across the broadcast and media industry. It provides authoritative, actionable insights into the way our industry is transforming, as well as pointing the way forward for its continued success.