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Integration between AutoPlay and the centralized MAM System RTR

Tue 26, 10 2021

Azimuth Soft has designed and delivered a bespoke integration between the AutoPlay enterprise media workflow platform and the Centralized MAM system used by our customer, RTR

The integration allows the transfer of media files from the “Rossiya K” channel’s production environment to RTR’s MAM and Archive systems.

The main requirement for this integration was to keep all RTR and Rossiya K departments involved in program preparation constantly up-to-date on the movement of media material along the workflow chain until its going on air.

A simplified model of this workflow looks like this: the media content is received from its provider, is ingested into the broadcast automation system, undergoes editorial checks and technical quality control. If everything complies with government regulations and technical requirements, the material is moved to PCRs for airing according to the channel’s schedule. In the event the content does not pass some of the checks, the provider makes the required changes and a new version of the material is ingested again. All the steps along the workflow are displayed in the AutoPlay system and are forwarded to any interested third-party system users in XML files. The workflow can be finely tuned using the new Clip Status functionality, which we’ve covered on our website previously.

All Clip Statuses are configured in AutoPlay’s Admin module, the rights to statuses and transitions between them assigned to users according to their workflow roles. For example, the Editor can preview a Clip and change its status to “Checked by Editor” or “Rejected by Editor”, but not to “Checked by QC”.

The AutoPlay system allows to save multiple clip versions to its database for possible comparison in case a media asset is modified or completely reworked by its producer. All Clip Status changes are recorded in a special “Status history” AM field, where the date, time and the name of the user making the transition is stored. As well as manual status changes, for this project we’ve also developed automatic actions for certain status transitions. For example, when a clip’s status is set to “To RTR Archive”, a fully detailed XML report and a 100% (no mark-up) copy of its media file in the highest quality are exported from AutoPlay to an exchange folder.

The completion of this project affected all departments of the Rossiya K channel involved in content production and playout, speeding up content migration, decreasing the number of errors and simplifying the audit of personnel activity.

About Azimuth Soft

We are committed to creating and implementing state-of-the art TV broadcast automation solutions to ensure our customers are empowered with smart and scalable technology. Our goal is to enable our customers perform better and grow as the industry evolves. From a business standpoint, we have a history of having the ability to identify unique customer needs and to design solutions and provide technical support which solve those needs, along with consistent excellent quality. But our vision is not simply about great products, it is more a reflection of the kind of future we all want to live and work.

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