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BaM Live!™ IBC Special Edition: Evolving Media Economics – the essential Executive Briefing ahead of IBC2021

Wed 27, 10 2021

Hybrid event will blend virtual and on-site expert knowledge to enable attendees to benchmark their business and technology roadmaps

UK —27 October 2021 On 2nd December – the day before IBC2021 opens its doors – IABM  is delivering a special edition of BaM Live!™ to provide virtual and physical delegates at the show with a comprehensive business and technology briefing against which to benchmark their business and technology roadmaps.

BaM Live!™ IBC Special Edition will be a fully hybrid event, blending on-site and virtual expert speakers seamlessly to provide a fully inclusive event using IABM’s BaM Zone™ digital-first industry platform. It is a complimentary event for the entire industry.

BaM Live!™ IBC Special Edition includes six content tracks which together cover the key drivers in the Broadcast, Media and Entertainment industry’s evolving media economics. The program is designed to complement IBC’s own Showcase events on the show floor. All content tracks are underpinned by IABM’s world-class research, keeping discussions in line with the issues that are at the heart of our industry’s future success. All six tracks feature a mix of panels, case studies and presentations by experts from media companies, analysts and tech suppliers.

  1. Vision for Future Tech Business Models: Cloud Economic Models in Media

This track will provide insights into unresolved dilemmas of cloud economics.

Despite all the buzz about cloud, cloud economic models are tough, presenting media businesses with difficult financial and operational trade-offs. At the same time, the supply-side of the industry is working its way through the financials of cloud-based service models, including cashflow and pricing.

  1. Digital Economics: from Ad Tech to Churn Management

This track explores the tech powering streaming business models.

IABM research shows that consumer-facing platforms and monetization are becoming the primary focus of media investment. This includes technology solutions that rely on data to serve specific business needs, from measuring customer engagement, to predicting consumer churn and optimizing advertising sales.

  1. Hybrid Futures: Blending Physical and Digital Business Models

This track examines what the increasingly blended physical and digital future might look like.

While digital media thrived, several media business models hinging on physical experiences took a major hit due to pandemic-induced restrictions. Providers of physical/live experiences relied on experimentation to circumvent the challenges posed by the restrictions, creating a new blend of physical and digital experiences that are here to stay.

  1. Build or Buy: Drivers for Outsourcing & Insourcing in Media

This track delves into why and how outsourcing and insourcing decisions are made at media companies.

IABM research reveals that in-house technology investment at media businesses is growing: to customize platforms, integrate tools, and drive efficiency. At the same time, rising complexity and a focus on core competencies are driving them to outsource parts of their operations, whether indirectly through increased spending on cloud services or directly with outsourcing partners.

  1. Super Aggregation: Managing Complex Media & Tech Ecosystems

This track looks into the future of media and tech ecosystems and how to manage the changing relationships required for business success.

Media and technology ecosystems are increasingly built on developing “frenemy” relationships with competitors on common, aggregation platforms that aim to provide add-on services such as personalization and subscription management. For consumers, the aggregation platforms are commonly provided by Pay-TV businesses and technology giants. For media businesses, cloud service providers are becoming the backbone and interface through which they can access niche technology tools to power their media factories.

  1. Vision for Future Media Business Models: Blockchain, Commerce & Content Marketplaces

The pandemic has caused distortions in supply and demand dynamics alongside changing consumer demands; this track examines how the industry is rising to the challenge.

The pandemic produced some very specific trends reported by IABM research, including the increasing demand for interactivity driven by social isolation. Media companies such as sports broadcasters were forced to abruptly tweak their business models to cope with the disruptions to their traditional funding and react to the demand for interactivity. As a result we have witnessed a myriad of innovations that have added new, interactive and e-commerce functionalities to diversify revenue streams.

“Over the last year, IABM’s BaM Live!™ digital events have provided unique opportunities for discussion, learning, engagement and networking despite the restrictions of the Covid pandemic,” said Peter White, CEO at IABM. “During that time it has become very obvious that even when all restrictions are lifted, digital will continue in conjunction with physical events, providing new opportunities for those unable to attend in person, as well as bringing insights from afar to those at the show itself – a real win-win.

“I am certain BaM Live!™ IBC Special Edition will prove to be the blueprint to deliver this hybrid future. We have a fantastic line up of experts from the show floor blended with others brought in digitally from around the world. Together they are covering all the key drivers in the Broadcast, Media and Entertainment industry’s evolving media economics; BaM Live!™ IBC Special Edition will enable leaders to benchmark their business and technology roadmaps and make the very most of their time at IBC, be that in-person, digitally or a blend of both.”

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