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Berlin Brandenburg Airport relies on IHSE KVM solution for control rooms

Mon 06, 07 2020

In the new major international airport in Berlin-Brandenburg, KVM technology from the German developer and manufacturer IHSE enables remote computer access and control of various mission control and monitoring systems.

The Berlin Brandenburg Airport in Germany’s capital is about to open – operation will start on October 31st. Until then, the last infrastructural measures and security precautions are in full swing. In order to ensure maximum access and system security, the airport management team chose the KVM system from IHSE, which guarantees reliable and smooth operation.

The airport comprises many control centers, which are staffed 24/7 to control and monitor various areas. For security and space reasons, computers and IT equipment are located in a remote equipment room, away from the desks and monitors of the operators. Another major advantage of the physical separation is the ergonomic design of the control rooms, removing noisy, heat-producing computers from the operator workplace. Furthermore, relocation to an air-conditioned, access-controlled equipment room simplifies central system administration and protects the devices from external influences and harmful environmental factors (e.g. protection from moisture or overheating).

KVM extenders from IHSE transmit the computer signals (video, sound, keyboard, pointing devices, etc.) between the computers in the central equipment room and the users in the control centers instantaneously. The KVM system is used to operate various control systems for fire protection, security technology and supervision as well as monitoring of the apron, terminal, baggage handling system, all flight movements and ground movements.

“With the IHSE extenders, we can access the relevant computer from any location in real time as if it was located directly at the workplace – even if it is more than a hundred meters away,” said Norman Beneke, Consultant IT-Solutions at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

The KVM system used provides direct connections (point-to-point) between the computers and the workstations via Cat cabling. For 2021, in addition to the changeover to fiber optic cabling, an upgrade with an IHSE KVM matrix switch is planned. The switch will enable operators to access each connected computer immediately from any workstation, thus offering the airport much greater flexibility and fail-safe operation in the future.

“Resilience of the deployed solution is crucial for safe flight operations,” stated Enno Littmann, IHSE’s CEO. “The IHSE technology offers a powerful, highly available solution for 24/7 operation. The operators can focus on their monitoring tasks without any disruptions.”

About IHSE

IHSE is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solutions with more than 30 years of experience. KVM technology enables the remote switching, distribution, bidirectional extension and conversion of primary computer signals including DVI, HDMI, 4K DisplayPort, audio and USB. IHSE develops and manufactures an extensive range of KVM switches and extenders with visually lossless signal transmission from headquarters near Lake Constance, Germany.

IHSE products have been certified for outstanding manufacturing quality, security, operability, resilience and high transfer speeds. Many renowned companies and institutions across vertical segments including Broadcast, Post Production, ProAV, Esports, Air Traffic Control, Control Rooms, Banking, Industrial, Corporate, Medical, Maritime, Education, Venues & Entertainment and Government rely on KVM solutions made by IHSE, Germany. For further information please refer to

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