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Broadcast-related Progress at the October 2017 MPEG Meetings; beyond HEVC

Tue 14, 11 2017

This MPEG meeting round was held in Macau, China in October. There was discussion and progress on some topics that impact our industry, including:

Beyond HEVC
MPEG has gone a step further in developing the next video compression technology.
It has issued a joint Call for Proposals (CfP) together with ITU-T SG16’s VCEG, following two years of collaborative informal exploration studies and a gathering of evidence. They also formalized an agreement on formation of a joint collaborative team called the “Joint Video Experts Team” (JVET) to work on development of the new planned standard, pending the outcome of the CfP that will be evaluated at the MPEG meeting in April 2018.

Call for Evidence on Transcoding for Network Distributed Video Coding
Following a Call for Evidence issued by MPEG in July 2017, responses were evaluated at this meeting to investigate whether video transcoding technology has been developed for transcoding assisted by side data streams that is capable of significantly reducing the computational complexity without reducing compression efficiency.
All four responses received provided a substantial computational complexity reduction compared to transcoding using full re-encoding.
MPEG plans to further investigate transcoding technology and is soliciting expressions of interest from industry on the need for standardization of such assisted transcoding using side data streams.

More information on these projects can be found in the IABM’s full report on this website page:

The next round of MPEG meetings will be in Gwangju, Korea, 22 – 26 January 2018.

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