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Cloud native Blackbird delivers up to 35% lower Total Cost of Ownership than cloud adapted on premise video editing

Tue 22, 06 2021

22 June 2021, London – Blackbird plc (AIM:BIRD), the developer and seller of the market-leading cloud native video editing platform, Blackbird, today launches its report ‘Video editing in the cloud: An analysis of the true Total Cost of Ownership’. Based on independent research, the report highlights the hidden costs of traditional on premise video editing workflows adapted for the cloud, known as ‘cloud based’, when compared to cloud native Blackbird.

The report highlights that whilst it is possible to find the market costs of traditional video editing workflows adapted for the cloud, there are multiple hidden costs associated with these workflows that are not immediately apparent and can lead to ‘bill shock’. These include:

  • moving content to the cloud and between different regions and types of storage is expensive and time consuming
  • virtualized cloud based systems accessed through virtual desktops require high bandwidth for acceptable video performance
  • virtualized cloud based systems require expensive high-end workstation infrastructure with significant graphics processing unit (GPU) resources
  • hidden storage, connectivity and egress costs can add significant expense
  • spiralling costs when scaling up for additional users
  • lengthy content upload/download times produce dead time for editors

The report outlines how cloud native Blackbird, which has been specifically designed from the ground up for efficient video editing and publishing in the cloud, eliminates or reduces these costs entirely for users through:

  • enabling professional standard video editing in a browser from anywhere
  • requiring just 2MB/s of bandwidth to operate
  • running on any laptop with no GPU requirements
  • needing no remote connectivity into other systems
  • no need to move content from or to other storage
  • no dead time waiting for the download / upload of content
  • enabling seamless scaling up when adding new users
  • needing no virtual machine infrastructure – minimizing egress costs

The report demonstrates the Total Cost of Ownership (“TCO”) savings using cloud native Blackbird compared to cloud based workflows for a variety of scenarios. For a video production workflow with 35 users and 5 live streams plus file-based content, Blackbird delivers 35% lower TCO than a full on premise non-linear editor (“NLE”) operating in a public cloud workflow.

Blackbird CEO, Ian McDonough, said: “With Blackbird we don’t move large media files, so we avoid the drawbacks of editing in the cloud. Blackbird isn’t a technology where efficiency is “bolted on”.  It’s intrinsic. We designed it that way.

“It’s an end-to-end editing ecosystem that’s quicker and more mobile than any other solution. Large sports, news, entertainment and government organizations use Blackbird because it gets their work done faster and better. We know it’s a technology that works. Our customers see the results daily, in the harshest production environments, where time and cost are of the essence.

“We’ve engineered Blackbird so that efficiency, sustainability and low TCO go hand in hand. With our system, you can’t have one without the others. We think it’s an unbeatable proposition. It’s a virtuous circle that’s good for speed of production, good for sustainability and good for your budget too.”

Readers can download the report, ‘Video editing in the cloud: An analysis of the true Total Cost of Ownership’ at

About Blackbird plc

Blackbird plc operates in the fast-growing SaaS and cloud video market. It has created Blackbird®, the world’s most advanced suite of cloud-native computing applications for video, all underpinned by its lightning-fast codec. Blackbird plc’s patented technology allows for frame accurate navigation, playback, viewing and editing in the cloud. Blackbird® underpins multiple applications, which are used by rights holders, broadcasters, sports and news video specialists, esports, live events and content owners, post-production houses, other mass market digital video channels and corporations.

Since it is cloud-native, Blackbird® removes the need for costly, high end workstations and can be used from almost anywhere on almost any device. It also allows full visibility on multi-location digital content, improves time to market for live content such as video clips and highlights for digital distribution, and ultimately results in much more effective monetization.

Blackbird® is a registered trademark of Blackbird plc.

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