Come and meet Village Island at BCA 2023 @ Singapore Expo !

Come and meet Village Island at BCA 2023 @ Singapore Expo !

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Come and meet Village Island at BCA 2023 @ Singapore Expo !

Tue 23, 05 2023

SDI to ST-2110 IP gateway, Contribution, OTT, Monitoring..

Come and meet us at BCA 2023 @ Singapore Expo !

From the 5th to the 9th of June, at BroadcastAsia 2023, in Singapore Expo, see us at booth# 5M1-08. Here is an outlook of the fantastic innovations and state-of-the-art products that will be shown at the show. Kindly confirm your presence and time in advance so we can arrange demonstrations, meetings, and discussions for your specific project and needs.

DekTec Digital Video – PCIe, USB, and IP adapters for all your broadcast needs.

■ New! DTA-2110 – SMPTE 2110 PCIE card capable of sending and receiving uncompressed video and audio.

■ New! DTA-2127 – Compact 4CH Satellite Wave Receiver PCIE Card

■ New! DTA-2116 – 0-3Ghz wide bandwidth high-end multi-standard modulation PCIe card

■ New! DTU-331 – Portable SDR receiver that can be connected via usb3 covering a wide bandwidth of 0-3 Ghz that supports modulation standards around the world

With StreamXpress, the play-out software, it is now possible to play out SRT signals. And, of course, come and see all the SDI boards, DTA-2172, DTA-2174B, DTA-2175, DTA-2178, IP, and RF boards!

Sencore/Wellav – Headend Products

Centra Gateway video distribution software platform can receive, transmit, convert, and optimize Internet protocols (SRT, RIST, ZIXI, HLS, MPEG/IP) for optimal video delivery. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that can be deployed in the cloud and on-premises to achieving an end-to-end solution.

■ For turnaround from baseband SDI to uncompressed IP, and vice-versa, SDI2X is the SDI-over-IP (ST-2022, ST-2110) converter box for up to 4x SDI channels in 1RU or 2RU Opengear chassis types. SDI2X can bridge the gap between baseband SDI infrastructure and modern high-speed, uncompressed IP networks. Utilizing SMPTE 2110 and SMPTE 2022-6, SDI2X provides an easy-to-use, robust turnaround platform for sending and receiving uncompressed IP

■ The signal transmission platform, Sencore SCP 2100, is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy unit for acquiring and relaying almost any video signal over the Internet. By leveraging the power of ASIC-based encoding and transcoding, exceptional video quality, and the latest Internet delivery protocols, the SCP 2100 makes collecting previously costly and challenging videos easy. Off-air broadcasts, sporting events, public service announcements, and anything else you need, as long as you have the SCP 2100 and an Internet connection, are easy to collect.

■ Integrated Receiver Decoder, the MRD6000/AG6000 4K/UHD receiver decoder, features the latest generation of 4K/UHD ASIC decoder technology for monitoring, turnaround, signage, hospitality, and enterprise application. It is delivered as a reliable and cost-effective appliance for UHD video applications. Available in 1RU or OpenGear form factors.

■ Sencore software-based platform MRD 7000 is a multi-channel, multi-format professional receiver decoder. Maintaining agility in today’s market is paramount with the MRD7000, and you can do just that. It supports 4:2:2 10-bit video, including HDR and WCG, and decodes HEVC/H.264/MPEG2 up to 4K/UHD resolution at a high bitrate. The MRD 7000 supports audio processing for up to 8 services (16 channels): MPEG1/2, AAC, Dolby AC3/AC3+/Dolby E/ATMOS. With multi-channel decoding, the MRD 7000 can handle up to four HD services or one UHD service in a 1RU enclosure. Output options include 4x3G-SDI (2-sample interleaved, 4-split), 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0B, and SMPTE 2110 (via 10GB or 25GB fiber).

■ SMPTE-2110 Video Analytics and Monitoring, VB440: The VB440 Appliance is designed for SMPTE 2110 and SMPTE in core broadcast networks, production studios, master control centers, and broadcast vehicles and venues. It provides a breakthrough solution for monitoring and analyzing high-bitrate broadcast media traffic as defined in 2022-6. The add-on license also supports analysis by JPEG-XS optical compression. The VB440 appliance combines a benchtop analyzer with a 24/365 monitor that enables production and delivery teams to continuously explore the whole layers of media transmission over an IP network and quickly fix potential issues.

■ IP Monitoring Software Probe, VB330-V/VB330: The VB330-V/VB330 Appliance is designed for monitoring the full cross-section of services commonly found in media-related network operations. It is a very flexible tool for monitoring network performance involving signal formats and areas as diverse as video TS over IP multicast, video OTT/ABR streaming, voice trunks, video-on-demand unicast, Ethernet packet microbursts, PCAP recording, and general traffic protocol inspection.

Village-Island – ST-2110/SDI Contribution, Multiviewers

  • New! VICO-XI

The VICO-XI can convert HD, 4K IP ST2110-20 uncompressed video, and IP2110-22 JPEG XS compressed signals in both directions. Up to 2 signals (expansion option) are supported in one housing, and the user can arbitrarily set the conversion mode and parameters.

■  VICO-4L-XS New HD support

Equipped with the JPEG-XS codec with the lossless visual method, it transmits 4K and HD video signals with ultra-low latency over IP ST2110-22. It has an optional ST2022-7 redundancy feature for data loss protection, which allows the encoding or decoding up to two signals (expansion options) in a single chassis. The user can arbitrarily switch the encoder and decoder modes from the front panel.

■  VICO-4L-2110 New ST2022-7 support

The VICO-4L-2110 converter can transmit 4K, and HD signals with ST2110 IP signals. The video interface can be configured to 12G-SDI, 4x 3G-SDI, 4x HD-SDI, 1x 3G-SDI, or 1x HD-SDI, and the IP interface supports up to 25G. Up to 2 signals in one enclosure ENC or DEC, and the ENC and DEC modes can be switched arbitrarily by the user from the front panel or WebGUI. Video, audio, and ancillary data are compatible with ST-2110, ST-2059, and NMOS IS- 04/05 standards.

■  FlexViewer

FlexViewer is VI’s multiviewer enhanced broadcast services monitoring solution empowered by Village Island’s TS monitoring software (VF-SMON), compliant with TR 101 290. FlexViewer has been deployed to many customers and sold over 100 systems in the Asia-Pacific region. FlexViewer makes it easy for operators to monitor the status of all video and audio streams in your network operation center as an integral part of your broadcast ecosystem.

CALIAN System – RF Spectrum Analyzer

Calian Decimator D4 Spectrum & Signal Analyzer allows you to remotely monitor RF communication signals and detect signal problems anywhere in the world using a standard Internet connection.

The Decimator D4 is ideal for measuring communications and broadcast carriers, offering accurate and fast measurements at a reasonable price.

The Decimator D4 is a product with an increased frequency range from 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz. The Decimator D4 is a fourth-generation spectral and signal analyzer unit with a built-in carrier monitor, cross-pole measurement, signal analysis, and digital demodulation.

Main characteristics:

  • Powerful, easy-to-use spectrum analyzer for use with standard internet connections
  • Built-in cross-pole and carrier monitoring application
  • Add-on software allows up to 100 carriers to be displayed in one window
  • Analyze constellations of DVB-S/S2/S2X signals
  • Available in three form factors: multi-port chassis, PCIe card, and portable chassis

Illuminator, a New Decimator feature for this NAB 2023, is a powerful software add-on designed to monitor radio frequency (RF) communications and detect signal problems.

The Illuminator allows you to monitor multiple remote Decimator D4/D3 spectrum analyzers on a single screen. The on-screen display will enable you to centrally monitor and control the entire carrier and monitor abnormalities such as band power, carrier presence, center frequency, and carrier power.

Barnfind – Optical fiber transmission equipment


BarnColor, BarnTechnologies’ latest product, is a cost-effective solution for the bidirectional transmission of multiple signals over fiber optic cables. It does not require complicated settings like conventional optical transmission equipment and can be set and operated even by those who do not have specialized knowledge or experience.

■ The BarnMini can be operated simply and stand-alone, or used as a component in more extensive transmission systems and facilities, combined with other Barnfind products. BarnMini is available in various models and supports interfaces such as BNC, SFP, Optical, IP, etc.

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