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Consorzio Nettuno Renews its Confidence in Etere MAM

Mon 06, 07 2020

Consorzio Nettuno selects Etere to drive its digitalisation, scheduling and inventory management for its channels. Since 1992, the established remote learning university has been using Etere for better efficiency.

Etere software manages the scheduling and inventory management of Italy’s distance-learning university, Consorzio Nettuno, since 1992. In its latest upgrade, the university renews its support for Etere as it embarks on a move from a traditional tape delivery to a file-based system. In addition, all its servers are moved on a virtual machine that is mirrored for redundancy. Etere delivers a futuristic digital solution that helps Consorzio Nettuno to keep pace with the growing demand for its video channels while improving operation efficiency across the media workflow.

Consorzio Nettuno’s channel playlists were previously delivered using video tapes and barcode tracking. Etere Tape Loan Management is a software that manages and tracks the database of tape loans. Administrators have access to an integrated dashboard with real-time data for enhanced viability and efficiency. However, as one of the most established remote universities in the world, Consorzio Nettuno offers over 27 degrees courses in various fields that continue to expand to accommodate growing interest in the remote university model. As a result, its collection of media for its curriculum continues to expand and the university requires a highly efficient system that is able to manage its upgrade to digitisation. The university renews its trust in Etere to deliver the system it needs.

For an all-in-one management of file ingestion to digitalise the university’s tape library, Consorzio Nettuno selects Etere Ingest, a software to manage manual, scheduled and automatic ingest from all video sources including tape. In addition, Consorzio Nettuno is equipped with Etere Basic MAM, a digital content management software that orchestrates the end-to-end workflow of ingesting, indexing, storing and retrieving digital assets. Etere equips Consorzio Nettuno with the software tools to automate workflow processes and streamline complex media workflows across a large media library. Etere simplifies the complete content management process through a centralised management of digital content and a seamless integration of metadata across all departments.

As part of the Etere MAM, Etere T-Workflow taps on the SQL database to manage the flow of information across the broadcasting process. Operators can configure broadcast management rules to connect workflow modules and perform workflow actions such as quality checks, media transfers and media transcoding automatically. The workflow design tool features a drag-and-drop design model that allows operators to define broadcast procedures easily.

Another smart-working feature of Etere MAM is the Agenda feature that facilitates the creation, assignment and approval of tasks in the workflow. From a single console, the team at Consorzio Nettuno is able to view all tasks and real-time statuses. Once a task has been assigned and picked up, it will be automatically locked by the user performing the task. Not only that, each task can have a cost tagged to it based on the cost type (for example, money, time or quantity), cost value and measurement unit. The insights provides data analytics that allow the business unit to make strategic decisions to optimise resources and increase operation efficiency across the workflows.

At any stage of the asset creation, operators can preview assets and all related secondary events including subtitles and logos, with the Etere Proxy Browsing. Additionally, the integrative Etere Data Mover performs file transfers from one level to another based on fully customisable workflow rules. It works in tandem with Etere Transcoder for the automatic encoding and decoding between different media formats, bit-rates and video resolutions. To ensure the maximum accuracy in the process of exporting and importing of information in different formats to multiple destinations, Etere F90 fully manages the data transfers in both automatic and manual modes. Furthermore, Etere Broadcast Quality Player is also included for a professional file monitoring, browsing and playback. With the Etere system in place, the team at Consorzio Nettuno can access the files they need with the least amount of effort and in the least amount of time.

Etere Executive Scheduling was also implemented to manage the scheduling and programming of Consorzio Nettuno’s video channels. Etere Executive Scheduling promotes a high level of responsiveness and cohesiveness across the different processes of the scheduling workflow. The software comprises of an integrated framework that manages the associated licenses, copyrights, imported materials and customisable metadata associated with the acquired contents. For a better redundancy, Consorzio Nettuno uses mirrored virtual machines that allows a smaller footprint without compromising on the performance.

Furthermore, Etere’s web-based architecture enables multiple users to access the system simultaneously from any web browser and across multiple devices including tablets, laptops and PCs. This means that the team can drive the workflow including approve schedules, make changes, preview playlists, insert metadata, assign tasks, check the real-time status of a task and create assets at anytime and from any location. Collaboration between departments has never been easier!

Since the project implementation, Consorzio Nettuno has been empowered with the software tools to deliver great content to its audience in a shorter time frame. The integration and information flow between different departments is also enhanced. Etere is proud to be a part of Consorzio Nettuno’s success story. Etere believes that every story is different and we are always ready to walk the project journey with you. Take the first step and chat with us at

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