Create the next Netflix in record time

Create the next Netflix in record time

Create the next Netflix in record time

Fri 09, 06 2023

OTT’s development became a bridge to success. Investors remain optimistic about its significant growth opportunities tied to the unbridled demand that has been steadily rising since 2021, betting today more than ever on its promising future. OTT’s independence and flexible infrastructure open up the way for content creators, distributors, and brands worldwide. And now, new players collide.

According to Digital TV Research’s latest report, OTT global revenue will reach USD 235 billion by 2028, while in 2023 around 17 billion will be included.

OTT has become an exciting opportunity to participate in a growing industry full of potential for innovation and market expansion. New doors are opening, and for content owners, OTT means a new way to engage with viewers, get analytics insights and adapt to different monetization models. While for distributors, its deployment entails the chance to widen the scope venturing into new market segments, while also competing with traditional broadcast networks.

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Goose focuses on providing a high-quality, cost-effective video service, equipped with all the necessary technologies and resources to easily build and scale your streaming business through a unified process. Your dream app is just a few clicks away!

Want to know the 9 steps needed to develop your application? At Goose, we design each stage in a way that best serves your business.

Firstly, we will show you how to create a brand, followed by the establishment and set up of a Live TV channel with its corresponding content, which will be later categorized. Nearing the end of the final stage, Goose will get you through the creation of your product, your trial configuration, and finally, how to package your groundbreaking app.

Find  the complete explanation available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

On our YouTube channel, you can check out the videos that provide the information in a segmented way, with each step clearly presented.


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