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DAAI TV upgrades with Etere to DiskLibrary

Fri 26, 06 2020

Indonesia’s television channel, Daai TV selects Etere for its upgrade to Disklibrary.

Daai TV is a private TV station in Jakarta and Medan in Indonesia that was started in 2007. The solution provides Daai TV with improved performance, backup and restoration, it is a vote of confidence for Etere. Daai TV uses Etere Media Asset Management to manage its media assets and to streamline operations. The TV station is also equipped with Etere Hierarchical Storage Management for the automatic archiving and restoration of its video content. Moreover, Etere manages all of DAAI TV’s transcoding via Etere T-Workflow and Etere transcoder for the station’s production of high and low resolution media copies. Etere Automation is also in place to manage the playout of Daai TV. This includes redundancy technology. In its latest update, Daai TV has selected DELL Disklibrary to integrate with its existing workflows.

Key Features
■ Disklibrary DELL
■ Integrate with existing workflows
■ With 84 disks to be sided with the HSM LTO
■ They have disk library and LTO
■ Updated the system and installed ETX for playout
■ Daai choose to improve speed and efficiency by moving to disklibrary

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