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Dalet SaaS Solution Focuses on Business Continuity and Remote Production for Media Operations

Mon 27, 04 2020

    • Dalet Galaxy xCloud enables customers to work productively from home leveraging cloud infrastructure, while still using familiar production tools,Dalet Galaxy xCloud enables media organizations to carry out production and distribution workflows from home and hub during COVID-19 crisis and beyond


      Paris, France – April 16, 2020 – Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, made available today an important remote production solution that enables newsrooms and media organizations to carry on critical content production and distribution operations amid the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Dalet Galaxy xCloud, a secure and highly scalable SaaS solution hosted by Dalet, extends on-premises production and enables an exceptional, friction-free remote editing and collaboration experience from home to hub.


      “Today, more than ever, our news customers play a critical role in keeping communities informed and connected. Our tools form a foundation for creating and delivering vital news and information to millions of viewers. It’s imperative that our customers’ operations continue without disruption,” states Kevin Savina, Director of Product Strategy, Dalet. “We have designed Dalet Galaxy xCloud to give our customers maximum mobility when they need it most, whether they are at the office or facility, at an offsite production or in the field, working with freelancers or working from home, as many of us are today.”


      Dalet Galaxy xCloud enables customers to work productively from home leveraging cloud infrastructure, while still using familiar production tools, such as Dalet OneCut, Dalet WebSpace, and Dalet On-the-Go from their home-based devices. Adobe® Premiere®

      Pro based editing workflows are also supported through the Dalet Xtend plugin.


      Kevin explains the simplicity and its importance, “Because the Dalet-hosted service extends the capabilities of existing on-premises systems, our customers can quickly transition to working from home using the same tools and workflows within a safe and controlled environment. Security and scalability are incredibly important for our customers who must quickly turn on remote capabilities for hundreds of users and multiple workflows.”


      For more information, you can visit


      In addition to Dalet Galaxy xCloud, Dalet offers a number of existing solutions to address the challenges introduced by new working conditions:





      Facilitate all digital interactions and online meetings with Dalet Connect

      As physical meetings and events cannot currently take place, Dalet has created a dedicated site called Dalet Connect. An extension to the main Dalet website, Dalet Connect aims at helping media professionals discover Dalet product offerings and online happenings, enabling fast demo, meeting and webinar bookings. Media professionals will be able to discuss their immediate needs and specific projects by engaging with the Dalet team in a dedicated online meeting environment.


      Robin Kirchhoffer, Dalet Marketing Director for Operations and Content, concludes, “Right now, we are fully focused on helping our customers and the industry as a whole. That’s been our driver since the beginning of this crisis. Through Dalet Connect we can talk to our clients, future users, and partners about specific challenges and help them find the right mix of solutions. It’s an incredibly challenging time for everyone and we are here to provide a pathway to business-as-usual, putting in place mechanisms that will serve the community now and in the future.”


      Join Dalet online today:

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