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DejaSoft activates a paradigm-shift in collaborative editing by introducing the world to DejaEdit for the first time ever at NAB

Wed 11, 03 2020

10 March, 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden – IABM-member DejaSoft is delighted to present for the first time at NAB2020, its “must have” file sharing and synchronisation tool for editors – DejaEdit.

DejaEdit is a revolutionary collaborative editing film tool. It offers editors working on Avid Nexis, Media Composer and EditShare workflows, across studios, production companies and post facilities, a vital application that ensures media files, bins and timelines are kept up to date across multiple remote edit stations.

DejaEdit has already successfully been tried and tested on real-world projects, and well-established in Scandinavia and parts of Europe. Award-winning post-production professionals are already using DejaEdit on notable film projects. Oscar award-nominated editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE of “The Favourite”, “The Lobster” and recently “Suicide Tourist” is a fan of DejaEdit. Editor Rickard Krantz, s.f.k. used DejaEdit in the “The Perfect Patient” which was nominated for Sweden’s Guldbagge award for Best Editing. Well-known Scandinavian producer Daniel Lägersten at B.Academy who produced popular TV series “Riverside” and “The Spiral”, said “DejaEdit is a game-changer”.

Following its global launch earlier in the year, Swedish-based DejaSoft owners Nikolai Waldman and Clas Hakeröd, both accomplished Avid editors themselves, will be available to meet and demonstrate DejaEdit’s capabilities at NAB.

DejaEdit plays an essential role in increasing productivity such as allowing editors to transfer media files and timelines automatically and securely to co-workers around the world, without having to be online continuously.

The benefits of DejaEdit are endless and allow for multi-site post facilities to work as one. It empowers multiple remote editors to work together. It assists exchanges of media with VFX houses, as well as enabling editors to easily migrate between office and home or mobile-based editing installations throughout the lifecycle of an entire project.

DejaEdit makes it possible to work with multiple remote Avid systems virtually anywhere on the planet. With global warming issues arising, and people being encouraged to minimise unnecessary travel for various factors, industry professionals can take full advantage of DejaEdit’s powerful file synchronizing capabilities without restrictions.

“NAB in Vegas is one of the most influential events of the year attracting the best in film and broadcast business,” said Nikolai Waldman, CTO at DejaSoft, “We look forward to giving people from film studios, post-production and production houses, including editors an opportunity to see our demo of DejaEdit in action. We are also on the look out for technology and reseller partners that can help us promote DejaEdit so that many others can enjoy its benefits.”

DejaSoft’s CEO Clas Hakeröd added, “We really want to be able to convey to people how special DejaEdit is – it is a truly unique versatile tool that can revitalize the editing world. Generally, a lot of producers are afraid to try out new tech, but we found that once people have given DejaEdit a go, they are absolutely hooked – there’s no looking back. It is a vital “must-have” solution that every self-respecting production company, post house, studio and editor around the globe should already be using.”

Shown exclusively to NAB attendees first-hand, a sneak preview of what’s new in DejaEdit Version 3.0 before its spring release is not to be missed. Some of the highlights include “Private” and “Global” bin sharing, new security locks, and many other helpful features that facilitate media file transfer across large media projects such as TV series and feature films. DejaEdit is affordable with an appealing licensing model, tailored to suit every type of project from shoot to finish.

To find out more about DejaEdit’s remarkable capabilities at NAB, schedule to meet with the DejaSoft at

NAB takes places from 18 – 22 April at the Las Vegas Convention Center, to register for the show visit

About DejaSoft – DejaSoft is a dynamic international software firm based in Sweden that creates innovative products designed to simplify complicated workflow challenges that can arise in film and television projects. Founded by savvy post-production professionals with over 30-years of experience behind them, the company’s primary focus is to ensure processes are as seamless as possible for the end-user. Their flagship system DejaEdit, is a world-first collaborative editing solution for Avid Media Composer, Avid Nexis and EditShare. DejaEdit allows media and timelines to be automatically and securely transferred between editors and colleagues around the world without the need to be continuously online. Licenses include DIT, Editor, Assistant, VFX, Push and Full. After successfully establishing DejaEdit in the Scandinavian market, DejaSoft is now going Global for 2020. Watch this space. View DejaEdit tutorials and find out more at

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Twitter – @DejaSoft

About NAB Show – NAB Show, held April 18-22, 2020, in Las Vegas, NV, USA, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. With more than 90,000 attendees from 160 countries and 1,600+ exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and fuel the digital storytelling economy. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways.

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