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Digigram release it’s new firmware for for live remote broadcasting

Thu 02, 01 2020

The most powerful distribution codecs IQOYA range are turned into the best codecs for remote broadcasting.

MONTBONNOT, France — January, 2nd 2020 — To meet the needs of its customers, Digigram enriches the functional scope of its IQOYA X/LINK and IQOYA SERV/LINK famous IP audio codecs to extend it to remote broadcasting.

Digigram’s IP audio codec configured for remote broadcasting are the only IP audio codec on the market allowing to manage up to 32 mono or stereo full duplex IP streams.

For an optimal user experience, a specific mode of use was added for this new operating mode with dedicated and easy-to-use graphical interfaces, both for the configuration phase and for the operating phases.

The user can now place calls and be connected to the field or the studio in 2 clicks. SIP, direct SIP and symmetric RTP connections are supported.

This comes in addition to the existing “Program distribution” mode by just a firmware update.

For more than 10 years, Digigram’s IP codecs have been used for the distribution of radio programs. More than 10,000 IQOYA are currently in operation 24/7 all over the planet. They are known for their reliability and versatility, as well as for the resilience of the audio connections they enable. Digigram has put all its know-how and passion to perfect this evolution of IQOYA X/LINK and IQOYA SERV/LINK ranges.

Key points of the new firmware

  • Intuitive web interface to place calls from the address book in 2 clicks (SIP, Direct SIP, or Symmetric RTP),
  • Low latency audio connections
  • EBU/ACIP compliance for interoperability with third-party codecs and any SIP infrastructure
  • Reliable and resilient audio connections even over inexpensive unmanaged IP networks
  • IQOYA SERV/LINK is the AoIP solution with the highest codec density in 1U

Digigram’s Fluid IP

By using the codec in remote broadcasting mode, the user will continue to benefit from FluidIP, the technology developed by Digigram for establishing reliable and resilient connections on unmanaged networks such as the Internet. In particular, the technology integrates stream redundancy functions such as FEC (Forward Error Correction) or dual streaming with spatial or time diversity.


IQOYA SERV/LINK is the IP audio codec with the highest codec density in 1U:

In “remote broadcasting” configuration, it is the only IP audio codec on the market allowing to manage up to 32 mono or stereo full duplex IP streams whatever the audio encoding format and whatever the audio connectivity (Analog, AES3, MADI, AES67, DANTE).

In “program distribution” configuration, it is the only IP audio codec on the market supporting up to 128 mono input and output channels with the possibility to simultaneously encode, decode and transcode IP audio streams.


IQOYA X/LINK is a range of 4 IP audio codecs designed to best suit the remote broadcasting and program distribution applications of our customers. It features stereo and dual stereo IP audio codecs with analog, AES3, livewire or AES67 I/Os and a 8-stereo IP codec with AES67 I/Os only.

About One IP audio solution

This update is a new milestone for One IP, Digigram’s solution to simplify the day to day remote broadcasting operations of radio station.To simplify the day to day remote broadcasting operations of radio station, broadcasters need a unique and versatile solution to cover all use cases. One IP audio solution is a complete and simple offer that includes IP audio codecs (rackmount and portable units), a reliable and secure SIP infrastructure and web applications.

About Digigram

With over 35 years of experience in developing innovative digital systems, Digigram offers complete point-to-point encoding and streaming links; from remote broadcast encoders to strong and efficient studio to transmitter links. Digigram uses this experience to understand the needs of customers and provide them with the right solutions that will not only serve their current requirements but also keep them future-ready.

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