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DVEO Announces the release of EZ PROBE™: RF, IP, or ASI

Tue 12, 05 2020

San Diego, California — DVEO®, a leading TV/OTT equipment supplier, announces a new video transport monitoring system called the EZ PROBE™. This product is a completely freestanding unit, sophisticated stream or RF analysis with its own CPU and can perform without the need for any external host system.

EZ PROBE™ is a very intelligent device that could be deployed in all major segments of an MSO’s network. The reports provided should be aggregated to a major trends data set that can be used continuously and should be rapidly repurposed for snooping out possible outages. Typically it reports back to the head end. DVEO’s EZ PROBE™ is a small affordable, multifunction probe with high end instrument features.

“This product is going to improve confidence in the signal integrity of long haul fiber circuits used to send video for special events, such as the Olympics. It is able to monitor the signals and provide an accurate reading which is then relayed to an iphone or laptop. This device is also able to resend alerts to anyone. As a result operators will increase the quality of video to the viewers without any delays or interruptions,” stated Laszlo Zoltan, CEO, DVEO.

The major system operators (MSO’s) who deploy OTT and IPTV and manage huge hybrid networks where RF, IP and ASI are ever-present in faraway production islands. The only way to maintain these far away “islands” is by instrumenting the inputs and outputs as much as possible. DVEO’S PROBE is a small, affordable, multifunction probe with high end instrument features. Above and beyond ETR 290 analysis the EZ PROBE supports H.264, H.265, 4K, J2K, AAC, PCM, Audio, SCTE 35 signaling.

The EZ PROBE™ is inexpensive enough so that we foresee using it at both ingress and egress points of all circuits. This deployment methodology makes trouble shooting much easier.

“There are so many benefits to the EZ PROBE ™ it is affordable and compact and it also has Wi-Fi built into which makes it a “one stop shop”, stated Laszlo Zoltan, CEO, DVEO.

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