Eclipse HX Digital Matrix v13 Introduces Industry-First Role-Based Workflow and Offers Advanced Reliability

Eclipse HX Digital Matrix v13 Introduces Industry-First Role-Based Workflow and Offers Advanced Reliability

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Eclipse HX Digital Matrix v13 Introduces Industry-First Role-Based Workflow and Offers Advanced Reliability

Thu 05, 05 2022

ALAMEDA, USA – April 20, 2022 – Clear-Com® Eclipse® HX Digital Matrix Intercom’s latest software update, version 13, delivers important networking, redundancy, and workflow advancements. The initial release, EHX v13.0, includes N+1 IP card redundancy and network redundancy, as well as Layer 3 support for AES67 endpoints. A soon to follow release, EHX v13.1, brings an industry-first innovation with role management advancements for a streamlined configuration process, and improved user experience, making it easier for users to stay connected.

“Clear-Com understands that users are constantly looking for improvements to both usability and reliability of their intercom system,” comments Stephen Sandford, Senior Product Manager at Clear-Com. “With EHX 13 we’re offering greater redundancy options, as well a truly game-changing feature with role-based workflows. We’re thrilled to continue to support our Eclipse-based systems with these ongoing improvements and innovations.”

Redundancy is critical to ensuring that the Eclipse-based system will remain functional, even if there is a potential network failure. The new N+1 card redundancy feature allows a single (or set of) E-IPA card(s) to function as a backup if a primary card fails. In the event of a card failure, the card’s full configuration is transferred to the back-up card, ensuring a virtually seamless transition. Users can vary the N+1 ratio as well – one card can back up one card, or one card could back up three – ensuring the option for a cost-effective deployment. Users can proceed with even more confidence in the uninterrupted performance of an Eclipse-based system with the new LAN connection network redundancy feature that allows E-IPA cards to have two network ports configured to separate networks. If the card senses a network failure, it will immediately switch communication to the second network. This solution can support a fully or partially redundant network, providing the user with the flexibility to place key devices on a partially redundant network.

Finally, EHX 13 delivers Layer 3 (network layer) support for AES67 endpoints, allowing users to manage PTP offset timing, improving performance especially in larger networks (WANs). Layer 3 traversing will also allow PTP-based devices on different sub-networks to communicate without central syncing, providing more flexibility in the deployment of endpoints.

Who isn’t looking for a smarter approach – to almost anything? In EHX 13.1 Clear-Com delivers a unique feature with role-based logins, streamlining configuration and allowing users to quickly move from device to device without missing a beat. System administrators are able to set a single key to contact a user regardless of the device they are logged on – saving the effort of having to configure several keys in the instance that a user moves between several devices during a production. On top of this, the user experience is greatly improved, with a simplified login to whichever endpoint device is closest at hand, with keys that autofill their specific configuration. Role-based workflows is the way of the future – an intercom experience that is efficient, personalized, and seamless.

EHX v13.0 and v13.1 features will be available for demonstration at upcoming trade shows, including NAB, ISE, MPTS, Broadcast Asia, and InfoComm. EHX v13.0 will be widely available for release in May 2022.

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