Electro-technical Regulatory Group (ERG) Meeting Report: 27th Sept 2017


The third meeting of the the ERG in 2017 covered topics of UK regulatory enforcement, CE-marking and, inevitably, Brexit. There was also a presentation on the forthcoming 2017 RINA Electrical & Electronic Equipment and Environment Conference.

Notes of the meeting:  ERG Meeting Minutes 27 Sept 2017

The BEIS-RD Enforcement presentation given at the meeting: ERG – BEIS RD Enforcement Presentation

The RINA Conference presentation: RINA conference 2017 review v3.0 ERG Presentation

The TechUK CE-marking Position Paper discussed: TechUK Position Paper – CE marking – good for consumers and business

The UK Government Position Paper discussed: Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU & UK – Govt Position Paper

The AMDEA response to the Government Position Paper discussed: AMDEA Position Paper Response to DExEU

Nigel Burtt – IABM Environmental Regulation Consultant