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Enhanced One-Stop Shop To Access The World Of NDI – Kiloview N6

Mon 06, 02 2023

Kiloview, the leading IP-based video transmission solution expert, announced Kiloview N6’s comeback – a full functional NDI bi-directional converter. Kiloview N6 was firstly released in 2021. The process of the product was suspended due to some technical reasons. Now the new N6 is back with up-to-date chipset and new design. N6’s enhanced performance allows end users to maximize the production capabilities including the full support of both NDI high bandwidth and NDI|HX . The brand new design also delivers better user experiences through its custom display and functional interfaces.

Kiloview N6 supports HDMI input (encoding) to both NDI high bandwidth and NDI|HX2/3 with loop through for view on monitor, or HDMI video output (decoding) from any NDI sources coming from any camera, software or device from any brand, either from NDI high bandwidth or NDI|HX2/3. It also features with powerful functions such as PoE, LCD display with big-sized tally , PTZ control, 3.5mm audio line in/out, multi-channel audio, intercom functions, centralized management.

Product Features:

  • 2-IN-1 for NDI Encoding & Decoding
  • KIS Intercom
  • Centralized Management
  • Built-in LCD Screen and Touch Button
  • Seamless Switching
  • PTZ Control
  • Control with a USB Keypad
  • PoE

More Information:



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