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Etere Adds Transwrapping to Etere Transcoder

Mon 11, 04 2022

07 April 2022

Etere enhances its transcoding capabilities with transwrapping that allows transcoding without re-encoding for a better efficiency. This is a FREE upgrade included in ETERE 32.2

Etere Transcoder includes a Transwrapping feature that allows transcoding without re-encoding. The new features enable users to trim a local file, capture a network stream to a local file, or transcode a list of files in a single file of the same or different container. In this process, the software extracts data packets from a source and the same packets can be used to create new frames in the output file. Subsequently, when the packets are processed within a single thread, and they remain unchanged. Etere sets a new bar of efficiency for its transcoding process.

The Transwrapping Technology can be used when there is no format change between inputs and outputs, this technology allows faster processing about 50 times faster, and also has no quality degradation in comparison with the traditional transcoding.

The software update is a free release for all Etere users on a support contract. Etere is a system that evolves with you. Etere users on a support contract have access to unlimited software updates and upgrades, giving you the best returns for your investment.

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Since its beginnings in 1987, Etere has been preparing users for the future. Etere is a worldwide provider of broadcast and media software solutions backed by its mark of excellence in system design, flexibility, and reliability. The revolutionary concept of Etere Ecosystem promotes real-time collaborations and enhances operational efficiency across the entire enterprise. Etere Ecosystem software solutions manage the end-to-end media workflow and feature an integrative Web and Windows architecture that is customizable to fit perfectly in any system.

Etere delivers on its service excellence commitment with a 24/7 worldwide support and inclusive software updates. Its portfolio of digital technologies and market-proven remote/on-site services such as consultancy, training, installation, and demonstrations are ready to run with your business no matter where you are. Etere enhances your adaptability for the future and empowers you with the most innovative software tools to drive your business to greater heights.

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