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Etere Integrates Picture-in-Picture (PIP) in ETX Playout

Fri 27, 11 2020

Etere releases a new Picture-in-Picture feature in Etere ETX that redefines content delivery. The new feature allows users to insert live graphics and videos as an overlay over a streaming video. When broadcasters have at least 2 or more layers of live graphics or videos, PIP allows the superimposing of layers on top of each other with customisable layouts.

With Etere, you can deliver compelling content effortlessly from a single console. Content creators can resize and re-position the content layout to maximize content exposure. For example, a live streaming advertisement can be inserted to play at the bottom right corner of a live sports broadcast. Etere creates new opportunities for broadcasters to repurpose and monetise content. It brings infinite opportunities to broadcasters to connect with their audiences through its fully integrative toolset in a single application. With Etere, you can do more with less.

Etere allows broadcasters to deliver rich content with different media elements including the superimposing of graphics, live video streams and feeds. When a video is in PIP mode, it will remain within view while at the same time allowing the audience to consume other content simultaneously to deliver a more engaging viewing experience. For example, the feature is commonly used in news production where multi-camera coverage from different venues are streamed to a live studio while newscasters piece together the latest updates with the field reporters.

■ Empowers content creators with the tool-set to insert live video streams and images over a video broadcast
■ Deliver live newsroom content with multi-camera coverage streams on a single screen
■ Manage advertisement insertions for live streams
■ Fast selection of pre-configured layout templates
■ SDI/IP/NDI support for live streaming
■ Customisable and configurable settings including the size and position of the video streams
■ Manage interactive programs with multiple integrations of live streaming elements including text, video and images
■ Live streams can be programmed with audio and video transition times or have the audio on mute during streaming
■ Seamless integration with Etere Executive Scheduling

Etere ETX
Etere ETX empowers you with all the playout features you need, including cloud playout, ingest, automation, master control and interactive graphics with consistent precision for even the most demanding of environments.

Etere Automation
Designed with flexibility in mind, Etere Automation transmits streaming events according to the videoserver capabilities, plays in A/B switch mode and remotes several devices simultaneously using network, serial, and GPI connections. Furthermore, Etere Automation leverages on the database of Etere Media Asset Management to integrate all the activities in a single environment, thus enabling the easy storage and retrieval of unlimited assets.

For over 30 years, Etere brings transformative software solutions and in-depth operational knowledge to broadcasters from all around the world. We share a common goal to help you succeed. Get in touch with us to find out more on how you can enhance your media management strategy to achieve measurable business and operational results. Connect with us at


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