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Etere introduces the Updated Nunzio News Playout

Mon 30, 03 2020

Specially designed to streamline the playout process for big news broadcasters, the Etere Nunzio News Playout is a robust MOS playout engine that can control multiple channels.

Etere is introducing the Etere Nunzio News Playout, a MOS playout system specifically designed to be used with any newsroom It makes broadcasting to multiple platforms and stations easy with control multiple channels. Channels can be assigned to primary video or background videos for improved newsroom experience.

The Etere Nunzio News Playout is fully integrated with the Etere MAM

and Etere Workflow, allowing you to move and use files from the same interface, further quickening the playout process. The integration with Etere Workflow allows you to create automated project workflows, publish to multiple platforms simultaneously, and further optimise your systems, saving on time and human resources.

Better equip yourself to deal with the fast paced necessities of the news industry with the Etere Nunzio News Playout. Optimised with full IP capabilities, this news playout system keeps itself cost effective whilst ensuring the best in reliable HD and SD broadcasting. The system’s fully virtualised system that is unique to Etere makes it easy to incorporate into any workflow. Working with native NDI, it is also compatible with SDI and SMPTE2110.

Incorporated with the Etere Nunzio Newsroom, this playout system allows you to broadcast your completed rundowns instantly from the Nunzio interface. The playout controls up to 4 video server channels in A/B/C/D rundown through Etere ETX or any external video servers, making it adaptable to any work style. It is MOS compatible and is integrated with not only Nunzio Newsroom, but also with most NRCS systems available in the market, like Avid iNews, ENPS, Octopus 8 and Ross Inception amongst others. Even better, each client can have their own configuration and interact with the same studio and/or the same rundown which can be configured in redundant mode. Additionally, it’s compatible also with any standard videoserver in the market thank to the Micro Etere Automation engine included.

Manage every aspect of your media workflow with Etere.

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