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Etere Launches a New Director Interface for Radio-Live

Fri 18, 11 2022

After months of research and development, Etere releases the intuitive Director Interface on Etere Radio-Live to easily manage live video streaming for radio. The Director Interface is a digital studio to control every aspect of your production in real-time.

With a centralized dashboard to manage and customize the radio playout, the Director Interface is a streamlined command centre with real-time access to essential information such as intro/outro, cluster, duration, date, thumbnail, description, artists, time, and more. Etere gives you a complete multimedia experience with an interface that makes your broadcaster operations smoother and more accessible.

Our customers are our most significant innovation partners. We have recently worked with over 100 customers to understand their needs better. This invaluable insight has helped us to create better products, including the Etere Radio-Live.

Etere Radio-LiveExperience a seamless operations with all the features you need and one of the smallest footprints on the market. You can expect fast turnaround and professional quality with its customizable workflows, real-time updates, and powerful controls.

Whether you are a single-station start-up or have a hundred workstations, Etere Radio-Live is ready to manage your workflows. With an integrated system that seamlessly manages video and radio automation, you will no longer have to deal with synchronization complexities and latency. Insert picture-in-picture graphics, breaking news crawls, and lower-thirds with Etere Radio-Live; the possibilities are infinite with Etere’s free software updates and upgrades policy that keeps your system at the forefront of technology. With its user-friendly dashboards, there is virtually no learning curve, even when working with multiple libraries.

■Live playout automation■Web presenter view showing real-time data such as current events, live status, and time remaining to the next event■Make quick edits before playout■Unlimited simultaneous previews■Multiple Studio Digital Mixer■Schedule advertisements■Insert picture-in-picture graphics, breaking news crawls, and lower-thirds■TCP/IP/Gpio (matrix, switches, audio processors, video processors, remote control) and serial connection■Manage direct and live streams

Please chat with us at for more information.

About Etere

Since its beginnings in 1987, Etere has been preparing users for the future. Etere is a worldwide provider of broadcast and media software solutions backed by its mark of excellence in system design, flexibility, and reliability. The revolutionary concept of Etere Ecosystem promotes real-time collaborations and enhances operational efficiency across the entire enterprise. Etere Ecosystem software solutions manage the end-to-end media workflow and feature an integrative Web and Windows architecture that is customizable to fit perfectly in any system.Etere delivers on its service excellence commitment with 24/7 worldwide support and inclusive software updates. Its portfolio of digital technologies and market-proven remote/on-site services such as consultancy, training, installation, and demonstrations are ready to run with your business no matter where you are. Etere enhances your adaptability for the future and empowers you with the most innovative software tools to drive your business to greater heights.To find a media management strategy that works for your business, visit www.etere.comJoin the conversation at

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