Etere Launches Advanced Asset Metadata Capabilities

Etere Launches Advanced Asset Metadata Capabilities

Etere Launches Advanced Asset Metadata Capabilities

Thu 13, 06 2024

Etere revolutionises your media management capabilities with cutting-edge technology. The latest update introduces powerful enhancements to Etere Media Asset Management (MAM), allowing users to run comprehensive full-text searches across asset titles, codes, flexible metadata, artists, and keywords embedded within the asset data. It also includes fast metadata editing directly within assets for a more streamlined user experience.

Etere delivers next-generation technology to enhance your media management capabilities. With the advanced keyword search functionality, Etere MAM enables users to delve deeply into the content, searching beyond codes and titles. For instance, a keyword may be embedded within a film’s synopsis, and Etere MAM matches this information to retrieve the associated asset.

Moreover, the latest update facilitates fast metadata editing directly within assets, offering unparalleled flexibility to optimise your media library. The quick editing feature empowers users to edit metadata seamlessly from the media library, including details such as artists, keywords, aspect ratio, loudness levels, etc. The system’s open design also allows users to customise metadata fields according to their requirements.

Etere MAM stands out in the market by offering unparalleled flexibility and greater control over extensive media libraries. This efficient media file management translates to a higher return on investment. Furthermore, Etere MAM’s accessibility through web browsers fosters collaborative work, promoting efficient teamwork across different locations.

Etere MAM helps you unlock content monetisation opportunities. Content distribution is becoming increasingly globalised, especially with the popularity of OTT, SVOD, VOD, and streaming content. Now, the same content is distributed globally across multiple markets, with advertisements automatically selected to target the local markets. With the advanced metadata insertion features of Etere MAM, you can have assets with rich metadata for a more personalised viewing experience and the technology for optimal content delivery in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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