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Etere Media Asset Management is the Preferred Choice to Move Files

Fri 18, 12 2020

Etere MAM goes beyond the traditional file movement technology to give you a competitive edge, enhanced security and higher cost efficiency when sending and sharing files anywhere in the world.

Driven by the need to manage large file transfers across modern media supply chains and across multiple distribution channels, broadcasters and media players find it increasingly challenging to stay efficient when technology and the industry demands evolves. Traditional file movement technologies such as FTP, Google Drive and hard drives are no longer viable as the need for fast, reliable and secure file transfer increases and traditional file movement technologies are no longer adequate. Etere bridges the gap with Media Asset Management’s suite of integrative features that gives you smart automation tools, enhanced protection, fast and reliable transfers of large file sizes.

Having an efficient solution for large file transfers is important for today’s market, especially in the media and entertainment industry. Key market drivers that pushes the need for large file transfer software include:
■ Complex workflows across global markets
■ Multiple distribution channels across device types, delivery formats and distribution platforms (for example OTT/VOD/IPTV)
■ A mix of on-premise and cloud storage
■ Increasing file sizes with the advancement of image resolutions including 4k/8K technology that results in the movement of larger file sizes
■ Securing and tracking media file movements: In today’s increasingly complex media workflows, keeping files secure, tracking movements and controlling file access can be a difficult task to manage

Etere Media Asset Management is a scalable software solution that is able to manage the end-to-end process of ingest, index, storage, movement and retrieval of digital assets. Whether it is content preparation, production or post production, Etere Media Asset Management encompasses all that you need to stay on top of your game even through the evolving challenges of the industry. Key highlights of Etere MAM’s file movement capabilities include:

Protocol independence (FTP/FTPS/UDP/HTTP/NFS/NTFS)
Unlike FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Etere MAM is protocol independent and supports a variety of protocols including FTP/FTPS/UDP/HTTP/NFS/NTFS. It is an open system that is easy to manage, even for non-technical users. Etere removes the layers of complexity associated with file movements and provides greater freedom to users, allowing them to be more agile to manage changing business requirements. What’s more, Etere provides unlimited software updates and upgrades to all users on a support contract. With Etere, your system will never be outdated.

Auto fallback in multiple protocols in case of fault
Etere supports automatic fallback in multiple protocols, giving you a fault-resilient performance. Once activated, the feature protects from data loss and disruptions.

Permission Managed in Active Directory
Etere MAM allows you to manage user permissions easily with a seamless Active Directory integration. Even with complex hierarchical user rights and cross-functions across multiple departments, each user can be configured with different rights according to stations and job function. Examples of rights include read/write/delete access. In addition, users can also be grouped by common functions. Etere is designed to fit perfectly in your environment.

Cluster Design for Redundancy
Etere features a distributed architecture that supports multiple data movement workflows simultaneously. The cluster design provides high availability that eliminates chances of a system downtime due to hardware failures.

Integrated GUI
Etere combines all the features you need on an integrated GUI that can be accessed on a Windows or web from any PC, tablet or laptop. The centralised database ensures real-time content search, retrieval, browsing and content editing that allows users to drive their workflows no matter where they are located. With a one-step login, you have secured remote access to the database or cloud system from anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive Reporting
Etere MAM provides the important data and statistics for users to understand processes and to fine-tune their system performance. Users have access to an unlimited number of custom reports which can be easily exported and printed in a variety of formats including presentation formats, interactive formats and subscriptions. All reports such as assets on arrival for playout, missing materials, media data and media library operations can be generated on-demand.

Powerful Automation with Workflow Designer
Etere T-Workflow provides powerful automation integrated within Etere Media Asset Management. Etere T-Workflow allows the best experience in setting broadcasting rules and designing workflows to meet business goals. From the visual designer, you are able to design paths, zoom in, zoom out, restart workflows and modify action blocks instantly. The simple and intuitive interface requires no training and provides freedom for users to create or change broadcasting rules on-the-fly. T-Workflow can be integrated with other dedicated modules of Etere system to manage the end-to-end file management including archiving, transcoding and quality check. Additionally, Etere uses SQL to manage the flow of information. It is capable of managing up to 100,000 workflows in under one second, for even the most demanding requirements.

CRC Protection
Etere ensures your content is exactly the same and the wrapper has no errors with CRC protection. CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is a checksum algorithm to detect inconsistency of data during data transmission. A checksum, calculated by CRC, is attached to the data to help the receiver to detect such errors. Etere ensures your data is error-free and consistent from start to end. Etere secures your data integrity while maintaining a streamlined workflow with an all-integrative setup.

Since 1987, Etere has been providing market-proven software solutions to broadcasters from all around the world. Etere solutions are backed by the company’s commitment to system reliability and service excellence.

For an enhanced file movement strategy, please contact to find out more.

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