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Etere Moves to the Future: Adopting the New MS-SQL Client in all its Products

Thu 26, 11 2020

Etere has adopted the new MS SQL Client in all its solutions to leverage the benefits of high-availability, advanced disaster recovery and fast database performance.

As part of its masterplan to provide continuous enhancements of its software solutions and professional services, Etere is adopting the latest Microsoft SQL client in all of its Etere Ecosystem software solutions. The latest upgrade to the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server provides new functionalities that goes beyond the ones supplied by the Windows Data Access Components. The upgrade is free for all Etere users on a support contract. Etere is committed to its research and development to incorporate the best of technology in its solutions. Users on a support contract have unlimited access to software updates and upgrades to optimise the performance of their system.

Etere anticipates future market trends and ensures it is always ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Featuring 24/7 global support and a multi-platform interface, Etere is ready to run with your business no matter where you are. EtereWeb allows you to monitor and drive your workflows from multiple devices, including tablets and mobile phones, even while on the move.

For more information on Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server, please refer to Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server and OLE DB Driver for SQL Server Features

The new Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server features a host of benefits for Etere users including:

A more efficient process that allows users to specify the group listener of a given availability group in the connection string. This is a more efficient process that enables the OLE DB Driver for SQL Server to establish connections to all IP addresses in parallel. If a connection attempt succeeds, the driver will automatically discard any pending connection attempts.

Performs Bulk Copy Operations
With the new upgrade, users are able to manage the transfer of large amounts of data into or out of a SQL Server table or view. The data which can come in different formats can be easily moved between SQL server and an operating system data file. Data files used by bulk copy functions do not have to be created by another bulk copy program.

Supports Encryption without Validation
SQL Server Configuration Manager can be used to set both the Force Protocol Encryption and the Trust Server Certificate options. The encryption will use a self-signed server certificate without validation if no verifiable certificate is available.

Enables Programmable Password Changes that can be Managed without the Involvement of the System Administrator
OLE DB Driver for SQL Server supports a flexible management of expired passwords. In case the password has expired, it can be modified on the client without the involvement of the administrator.

Enhanced Metadata Discovery allows for an Identical Metadata Format Match
Get a more accurate result with the enhanced metadata discovery that ensures that the column or parameter metadata returned from the execution of a query is identical or compatible with the metadata format specified before the query was executed.

Supports XML Data Types
OLE DB Driver for SQL Server supports the XML data type that can be used as a a column type, variable type, parameter type or function return type.

Supports Large Value Data Types
With support for large value data types including those that exceeds the maximum row size of 8KB, the storage of large values is now enabled.

Date and Time Improvements
Enhances support for date and time types to allow a more flexible and accurate process. The new SQL server enables fractional seconds that are accurate up to 100 nanoseconds.

Service Principal Name (SPN) support in Client Connections
SPN are used by the authentication protocol to determine the account in which a SQL Server instance runs. Domain and computer accounts are registered automatically in the Active Directory. These can be used as SPNs and the SPNs can be defined by administrators. In addition, SQL server makes it easy to manage secure authentication through direct specification of the SPN used.

Supports Database Mirroring
Database mirroring increases database availability and data redundancy. OLE Database Driver for SQL Server provides support for database mirroring so the developer does not need to write any code or take any other action once it has been configured for the database.

Support for Enhanced File Stream for the Storage of Large Binary Values
Common language runtime (CLR) UDTs are no longer restricted in size.

Supports Transparent Network IP Resolution
Transparent Network IP Resolution (TNIR) is an enhancement of the existing multi-subnet failover feature. TNIR affects the connection sequence of the driver in the scenario that the first resolved IP of the hostname does not respond and there are multiple IPs associated with the hostname. The TNIR is enabled by default.

Automatic Query Notifications
Query notifications allow applications to be notified when data has been modified. This feature is especially useful for applications that provide a cache of information from a database. Using query notifications, users can request for notifications within a specified period when the data of a query has been changed.

Accessing Diagnostic Information in the Extended Events Log
It is now easier than ever to get diagnostic information about connection failures from the extended events log. This feature helps users to perform an in-depth diagnostic analysis easily and quickly.

UTF-8 Support in OLE Database Driver for SQL Server
With the new upgrade, Etere users are able to add support for the widely used UTF-8 server encoding. Once enabled, UTF-8 encoded data are stored in the SQL server.

Sparse Columns Support for OLE Database Driver for SQL Server
The new upgrade provides maximum flexibility with sparse column support for OLE database driver for SQL server. OLE DB Driver for SQL Server users with sparse columns can be used in multiple different scenarios with convenience.

To learn more about Etere future-ready solutions, please get in touch with us at

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