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Etere Releases New Features for Asset Management in Extension Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

Fri 11, 09 2020

Etere delivers an upgraded Etere MAM extension panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro with new features.

At the Virtual IBC 2020, Etere today announced an upgraded Etere MAM extension panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro with brand new features, including direct access to link assets, stories in rundown, task list integration and search by asset code.

The panel provides a seamless integration between the Etere Ecosystem framework of software solutions and Adobe Premiere Pro. Editors and journalists can manage bidirectional metadata exchanges between Etere software and Premiere Pro, bringing new flexibility and capabilities to video production and delivery workflows.

The extension panel allows post-production professionals to access the centralized Etere database without exiting from the NLE environment and ensures file consistency throughout the editing and export process. With the Etere Panel for Premiere Pro, content creators and editors can overcome the challenges of large file transfers, allowing them to deliver content without limitations.

New capabilities to Facilitate Collaborations and Accelerate Video Production Workflows

With the upgrade, editors can view their assigned tasks and task availability directly in the NLE environment. Through the “my tasks” dashboard based on their authenticated login profile, editors can see the details of tasks assigned to them including the start and due dates. The media status and availability of tasks are automatically verified and updated in real-time for efficient resource management across multiple departments in the organisation. The new feature enables greater collaboration between post-production facilities and video producers, allowing various teams to have visibility of workflows, approvals and pending items from a centralised dashboard.

The new Etere panel for Adobe Premiere Pro also adds support for the quick upload of metadata-rich assets in rundown stories. From the centralised dashboard, users can view all rundown stories without linked video objects. To search for assets, users can perform a full-text search or code search. This is ideal for fast turnaround workflows, such as news. The panel provides tight integration with Etere modules including Etere Media Asset Management, Etere HSM Archive, Etere Promo Placement and Etere Nunzio Newsroom to leverage the benefits of a unified ecosystem.

“Etere redefines video distribution workflows with a tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, removing interoperability limitations between systems. The latest upgrade is a testament to Etere’s commitment to research and development which continues to uncover new possibilities for its users and empower them to work smarter and deliver content to market faster,” said Fabio Gattari, Director, Etere.

“Premiere Pro is the industry leading video editing software, and with the Etere extension panel, media companies around the world have new functionalities and flexibility built into their Premiere Pro workflow,” states Sue Skidmore, Head of Partner Relations for Adobe video. “The Etere panel helps bridge the gap between the video production, post-production and content delivery environments.”

Key features of Etere panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

■ Select and preview online segments without the need to import them into projects
■ Upload Adobe sequences into Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) in one step
■ Retain the original file name of uploaded files with a configurable T-Workflow action
■ Edit and upload conformed sequences from Adobe Premiere Pro into the Etere MAM
■ Editors working in Adobe Premiere Pro can import media made by other users in the Etere panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as previously saved Adobe Premiere Pro projects and sequences
■ Access the integrated Etere T-workflow for a centralised database that manages bidirectional media management, while ensuring consistency throughout the editing and export process
■ Manage, edit and deliver newsroom materials related to rundown stories directly from Adobe
■ Access personalised content delivery workflows based on the authenticated login profile
■ Insert configurable metadata information for rundown stories
■ Instantly connect to data in the centralised database without requiring large file transfers

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