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Etere Releases X264 Encoder

Fri 25, 11 2022

Etere launches x264 in preparation for the release of Etere33 in January 2023. x264 is an established open-source software encoder for H.264/AVC, for next-generation encoding capabilities.

Etere 33 will feature x264 encoding capabilities, providing users greater flexibility and higher-quality encoding for broadcast streaming and recording.

What is x264

x264 is an open-source library developed by VideoLAN to allow video streams to be encoded into the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format.

Key Capabilities of x264 include

  • Adaptive quantization in two modes using VAQ. The second mode adapts the strength per frame for an improved quality
  • Psychovisual rate-distortion optimization
  • Macroblock-tree rate control, which controls the quality by tracking how often parts of the frame are used for predicting future frames

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