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Etere Router Control Simplifies Virtual Routers Management and Complex Switching

Fri 25, 09 2020

With a distributed console, Etere streamlines complex switching and manages virtual routers across multiple channels and sources.

Switching between multiple video routers, routing sources and destinations is extremely easy with Etere Router Control, an integrative software panel that streamlines the management of signal routes throughout the complete broadcasting workflow. It provides a distributed point of control that can be managed from a standard PC, without the need for expensive technology or hardware. Etere is able to control multiple channel sources and destinations simultaneously with precision, including virtual routers and complex switching.

Etere Virtual Router pairs multiple channels from different routers into a single virtual router. Unlike a traditional setup, each station can create as many virtual routers as needed without the associated hardware costs. These sources can be video, audio or GPIO. It is easy to scale. Etere enables all associated channels to be simultaneously switched when a switch is performed on a virtual router. Conversely, Etere also provides the flexibility to allow only specific layers or secondary switches to be activated on virtual routers. Now, with a few easy clicks, you have the freedom to control and send multiple router signals to wherever it is needed and exactly the way you want it to be managed.

Besides the significant cost savings, Etere Router Control is an open system that is able to manage any router across platforms and it establishes seamless interoperability across the entire broadcast facility. With its versatile implementation, Etere Router Control enhances operational efficiency. It features customisable configuration options and real-time status display. At a glance, operators can view the real-time status of the routers, sources, destinations, selected router and active switches quickly. With Etere, you can improve production capabilities and work smarter.

Key Features

■ Flexible, professional and reliable router management software
■ No additional hardware for router control
■ Supports virtual routers – The pairing of multiple channels from different physical locations into one virtual router
■ Supports complex routing setup involving multiple channels
■ Fast and easy switching of routers with a user-friendly panel
■ Customisable router view, choose the view that you prefer – single or double row displays of sources and destinations
■ Switch between multiple routers easily
■ Real-time router statuses
■ Interoperability – Freedom to use any router
■ Enhance fault-tolerance by linking a second routing device (e.g. backup router) to the main routing device (e.g. main router) to achieve redundancy
■ Fault-resilient performance with a distributed architecture

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