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Etere Tested Newroom Interface with CueScript Teleprompter

Thu 09, 04 2020

Etere has tested its interface with CueScript Teleprompter to create a seamless and professional newsroom experience.

Etere expands its interoperability with CueScript teleprompter to provide a seamless editorial collaboration between news presenters and producers. Users can add CueScript teleprompter as a MOS device to integrate with Etere Nunzio Newsroom, for the exchange of information between the Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) and the teleprompter. Thereafter, a prepared script can be loaded for display with the teleprompter and users are able to receive updates seamlessly in the news stories within the rundown. CueScript is an industry leader that provides news teleprompter and software that are ideal for productions using newsroom computer system (NRCS) and MOS connectivity.

With Etere Nunzio newsroom, you are able to manage the complete newsroom production across multiple platforms such as radio, TV and web, from a single interface. Etere enhances your connectivity across different processes in the newsroom including production and post-production workflows, scheduling, planning, customer-relationship management, newsroom automation, media asset management and automation.

Etere Ecosystem of broadcast software solutions take your business to the next level with an integrative framework that connects the complete broadcasting workflow. With Etere, you can implement a framework that is ready to grow with your business needs. Etere Ecosystem empowers broadcasters to share internal and external management information easily. With Etere, users are provided with real-time updates across the broadcasting workflow. As a result, you can expect high-quality output, better productivity and a world-class broadcasting system that is ready to respond to dynamic demands in today’s media landscape.

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