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Etere to Present at NAB Show Conference 2022: NDI in the Master Control Room

Fri 22, 04 2022

Catch up with Fabio Gattari, Director of Etere, at NAB Show Conference 2022 to discuss the implementation of NDI in the master control room, its respective challenges, and how to overcome these challenges effectively. See you on Monday, April 25th, 12.55 pm – 1.15 pm at W307-W309, Las Vegas Convention Center, USA.

NDI in the Master Control Room by Fabio Gattari, Director, Etere
Date: Monday, April 25 | 12:55 PM – 1:15 PM
Location: W307-W309, Las Vegas Convention Centre
Conference & Program Track: Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference (BEIT)

NDI is the new face of revolution in information transmitting. Capable of higher quality information transfer, broadcast-quality videos can be delivered and received in a frame-accurate format. This high-quality transmission makes it a suitable choice for switching in a live production environment within the Master Control room. NDI streams can transmit a full-frame, full-resolution version of videos and a lower-resolution proxy version that can reduce network load when streaming to multiviewers, vision mixers, or preview screens.

Etere discusses the characteristics of NDI, its advantages in a master control room, its respective challenges, and how to overcome the challenges effectively.

Get in touch with us at, see you in Las Vegas!


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