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Etere Upgrades TodayTV with Software-driven Innovations

Tue 13, 10 2020

Etere has delivered a technology refresh to leading Vietnamese channel, TodayTV, with the launch of Etere 30.3 that includes a series of new innovations and updates to maximise system performance.

Vietnam’s leading TV station, TodayTV has renewed its confidence in Etere with an upgrade of its system to Etere 30.3, the latest software version released by Etere in Q4 2020. Etere delivers scalable solutions that are designed specifically to meet the needs of users today and for the future as well. All users on a support contract have unlimited access to Etere software updates and upgrades. Etere’s software-centric solutions achieves efficiencies through centralised workflows that deliver both external and internal information across distributed systems in real-time. Not only that, Etere orchestrates resource management across the end-to-end workflow for a perfect synergy between distributed teams and workflow processes.

TodayTV leverages the benefits of Etere Ecosystem, a framework of modular and scalable software tools that foster collaboration amongst distributed teams and provide business intelligence data to identify performance bottleneck and enhance operational efficiency. Etere Ecosystem allows users to manage the complete broadcasting workflow, including production processes (newsroom, playout, ingest, post-production etc) and administrative workflows (scheduling, planning, CRM and business intelligence etc) with a single system.

TodayTV is equipped with Etere modules including Etere Automation, a completely scalable and flexible playout that runs on different levels of fault tolerance to match a variety of requirements. These include backup, master/clone and disaster recovery modes. Additionally, Etere Automation’s database independent capabilities ensure a reliable and fault-resilient performance. It integrates with the database of Etere Media Asset Management to manage a seamless retrieval of asset files/playlists and to manage last minute changes, all on a standard Windows PC.

The station also runs Etere Ingest, a software solution that is able to perform manual, scheduled and automatic ingest. In addition, it is able to ingest from all common feeds. With user-defined workflows, the ingested media can be captured in real-time from virtually any video source, broadcast stream, cloud storage, FTP or IP streams.

To add on, the system includes Etere Memory, an all-inclusive compliance logger software that can be used to record, create, edit clips, add metadata, transcode and distribute content to multiple platforms including VOD, OTT and social media. It allows operators to record and view media files simultaneously with minimal delay. Besides that, Etere Memory includes Etere Player for instant browsing on both web and Windows. Etere Memory also comes equipped with data protection and advanced redundancy to record files on remote servers.

TodayTV also runs Etere Advanced QC, a cost-effective and cloud-ready solution that performs automatic quality checks on up to 4 media files simultaneously. The web-based video quality check software is designed with features to streamline QC analysis and while preventing inaccurate and time consuming manual checks. Etere Advanced QC enables maximum flexibility in setting detection parameters and profile configurations.

For more information on how to improve your broadcast workflows and how to leverage the benefits of Etere’s game-changing solutions, drop us a line at

Some Key Highlights of New Release, Etere 30.3
■ NDI Monitor – Enhanced audio monitoring tools with configurable keys for input selection
■ All-new user-friendly GUI for Etere Studio Player for an enhanced user experience
■ Capability to stream URL from Master Control directly to Automation
■ View detailed information of current story and next story from the same panel in Etere Nunzio Newsroom
■ Customise the font size for objects in the panel tree node
■ Capability to search for Etere Memory assets in both main and backup
■ One-click deletion of all closed captions imported to Etere system
■ Configure metadata including name of station, encoder name, COD name
■ New reports added to EtereWeb: Service access count and Service access log
■ Improved print features in Etere Nunzio, print story with all text, comments or with prompter
■ Audio mapping feature in Etere Executive Editor to set the input and output channels when mapping in Master Control

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