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Etere VOD Management Gives You Greater Flexibility and Control

Wed 10, 06 2020

Etere has launched an integrated VOD planning and management tool that allows you to enhance your non-linear content organisation, planning and delivery with a one-click access from any internet browser.

Etere integrated Video-On-Demand (VOD) management on Etereweb enables you to organise, manage and deliver your non-linear content from the web. With a secured log in on EtereWeb, you can manage your VOD contracts, content delivery and licenses in real-time and from wherever you are. Etere supports a wide variety of VOD delivery platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix and more.

Etere runs on a responsive web platform that works across all internet browsers and across devices including tablets, mobile phones and laptops. It provides a complete broadcast management solution that manages all stages of the VOD content lifecycle and maximises your returns on investments.

Etere Video On Demand management is designed to empower you with an all-in-one integrated and flexible VOD planning module. The VOD management feature provides a direct integration with your media library, broadcast management system, media asset management and scheduling systems. In addition, from the same interface, you can manage the licensee, contract expiry and payment management of your non-linear content. With connected dashboards and database integration across your complete workflow, you have everything at your fingertips.

With a single login on the web, you can access a full range of features including
■ An integrated management of VOD content rights
■ Content delivery to all commonly used VOD platforms including Amazon Prime and Netflix
■ Asset form preview
■ Fast and accurate scheduling of programs and adjustments
■ Plan your VOD calendar in advance to maximize revenue
■ A seamless management of programs, series and promos
■ Streamlined management of both single movies and multiple TV series
■ Manage purchase orders and contracts
■ Quick access to platforms templates
■ Track expenses and rights payment
■ Generate agendas
■ Design and launch workflows directly on the web
■ Promo creation and management
■ Management of VOD distribution platforms, territories and languages
■ Direct integration with Broadcast Management System, Media Asset Management and scheduling systems
■ Enhance content with flexi-metadata insertion
■ Operations log management
■ VOD scheduling and calendar management
■ Manage multiple channels
■ Task creation and tracking
■ VOD revenue report

Etere has over 30 years of experience in software development and implementation for the media and broadcast market. Etere VOD management provides a seamless integration across all other Etere modules so that you can work faster and improve the accuracy of your workflows processes. We focus on perfecting our development, testing and implementation so that you can focus on your core business and delivering great content.

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