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FIFA grants EVS’ Xeebra multi-camera review system with VOL and VAR certifications

Sat 23, 10 2021

Latest certification tests organized by the Football’s governing body confirm precision of the system’s integrated video assistant referee and virtual offside line technology

Liège, Belgium, October 19, 2021

EVS’ Xeebra® multi-camera review system has been granted the FIFA Virtual Offside Lines (VOL) and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) certifications following a series of tests carried out by independent, FIFA-accredited test institutes at the Grimsta IP stadium in Sweden in August.

During this event, the accuracy and consistency of the Xeebra and other review systems were assessed to ensure they meet the specific technical requirements set out by the FIFA Quality Programme for VOL and for VAR. Both internationally recognized certifications, valid for two years, are part of FIFA’s ongoing effort to improve the decision-making process of the game.

While this was the first year the Quality Programme for VAR was introduced, Xeebra had already obtained the coveted quality label for VOL in 2019. This successful renewal demonstrates Xeebra’s ability to generate a virtual offside line under the stringent requirements of FIFA’s new testing protocol.

EVS’ Xeebra multi-camera review system helps match officials make more confident decisions by allowing them to swiftly review a given action from multiple angles that are displayed in complete synchronization. With offside situations representing many VAR calls in soccer, the system uses machine learning technology to automatically calibrate the field of play and overlay a virtual offside line on the broadcasted image in seconds.

Xeebra’s integrated VOL technology can generate a 2D as well as a 3D vertical component, which is positioned using a triangulation mode, enabling match officials to determine whether a player’s body part that is off the ground is positioned over the offside line or not.

The Xeebra also offers operators the ability to position a second line – one for the attacking player and the other for the defender for greater accuracy. While not yet part of the current certification process, this feature has also been tested for research purposes by FIFA and has proven to be invaluable when decisions around offside positions are uncertain.

“Having our Xeebra review systems approved and certified by FIFA for both VOL and VAR is of course a major achievement for EVS. Our customers can take advantage of our industry-leading technology across a broad range of competitions and rest assured their deployed solution is built to the highest standards thanks to FIFA’s rigorous assessment.” François Gillet, Solutions Specialist at EVS

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